I am in Guatemala, finally! I made it to Antigua last night, after a night of couchsurfing in Rome, a flight to London and from there to Miami and finally to Guatemala city. It was crazy – I have arrived in Rome when it was POURING rain, and got completely wet trying to find my couch. But, it was nice and free 🙂 I would be lying if I said that leaving and saying goodbye was great – I spent the last 2 days before the beginning of my trip going almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown, it was so hard to say goodbye to people – my parents, my sister, my friends, my swimming instructors, my cats. So, I cried so much before and during the flight that I travelled with a tremendous headache. But, guess what? It is gone now, and my smile is back on. I reminded myself that there can be “a going back”, if I want to. And I guess the first lesson that I have learned is how much I really love it back home.

Gallo Guatemala

Is Gallo really the best beer in Guatemala? – photo courtesy of Lynn F. (flickr)

Here is a first about Guatemala, that I did not know before. Radio commercials. I was listening to the radio on the car from the airport to Antigua and there was a football match on. The speakers continued asking each other, before anything else, whether they were indeed drinking “la mejor cerveza”. An entire conversation such as: “Here’s to you, Bob, and I bet you are drinking la mejor cerveza!” “Yes Dan, indeed I am having la mejor cerveza” – to then continue on commenting on the match.

As you can imagine, the minute I arrived in Antigua, I dropped my bags and went to have a Gallo. I am not sure it is la mejor cerveza, but it surely isn’t bad to toast on the beginning of my backpacking adventure through Latin America.

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