The 30 Best Places To Travel Alone

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I often get asked what the best places to travel alone are. You see, many travelers – especially females – find the thought of spending even just a few days alone overwhelming. They fear it may be unsafe; they worry they will be lonely; they think they may get bored. 

Well, let me tell you: none of that is true. I have taken many trips by myself and all of them were amazing. I have never felt unsafe – though mind you: it is important to follow some safety tips. I have always met lots of interesting people, which means that I have never felt lonely and never got bored. 

The hardest thing about solo traveling is to actually take that initial decision to do it. The second hardest thing is deciding where to go. Once you find yourself on the plane, heading somewhere exotic and new, you will be 100% excited and all your worries will be gone. And it won’t take you long to realize that you have been missing out! 

But what are the best places to travel solo? I decided to ask my colleague and friends to share their tips. 

Tel Aviv

The Best Places To Travel Alone

The Middle East


Israel is an extremely easy place to travel. First of all, it is very safe: even the big cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are perfectly ok to walk around at night. Public transportation works well, and with the amount of start ups Israelis have created you won’t ever have an issue getting a ride.

If cities are not your thing, you can hop on the bus and reach the Golan Heights for a hike, or Galilee. You can go to the desert down south, or for a dive in the Red Sea near Eilat. Archeology junkies will enjoy Caesarea and the Masada

Let me not get started with the food! Aside from the fabulous middle eastern cuisine, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have a plethora or international restaurants for all your cravings. And it’s also vegan paradise!

Everyone in Israel speaks English. People may appear quite rude, abrupt and direct but honestly, it is refreshing never to have to read their mind and always knowing what to expect. Israelis are very friendly for sure. And if you are a single girl traveling alone, you shouldn’t miss on the opportunity of going on a date in Tel Aviv.

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The United Arab Emirates

*Contributed by Kay of The Awkward Traveller

The United Arab Emirates, better known as the UAE, is hands down, one of the safest countries to visit. The country has a high percentage of expats (a bit over 80%!), so there is almost always someone that speaks your language, no matter where you are from.

While the UAE is usually associated with outlandish extravagance, it is truly a country that can accommodate any personality or travel style. It’s incredibly simple to get around as well, with affordable public transportation, taxis, and even car rentals!

If you are a fan of food, the UAE boasts cuisine from around the world, from eating at the world’s tallest restaurant to humble but delicious food trucks. Those that like to party will be delighted to know that, despite the UAE being an Islamic country, bars, clubs, and nightlife is extremely lively. With added perks like weekly “Ladies’ Night” and Friday brunches, the party doesn’t ever have to stop!

There’s even something for nature lovers! Beyond the man-made attractions like the Dubai Miracle Gardens there are also sand dunes, deserts, mountains, and lakes galore! The UAE is a meeting ground for travelers, so even if you travel solo, you never have to be alone! 

reasons to visit Italy



You can’t write a post about the best places to travel alone and not mention Italy. I am not just saying this because I am Italian, but mine is the most beautiful country in the world and no matter your taste in travel, you are bound to find what you are looking for here. 

Gorgeous cities, quaint villages, archeological sites of any kind, mountains, hills, tropical looking beaches, hiking trails and all the food – of these are not good enough reasons to make Italy your next solo trip destination, add the fact that where Italian are lacking in language skills (though hey, this has changed a lot in recent years) they make it up being incredibly friendly, welcoming and generous. This is a country where you will never feel lonely. 

day trips from London

Paris, France

*Contributed by Elisa of World in Paris

Paris is not only a romantic city for couples; it is also a historic, cultural and gastronomic hub where solo travelers can have a great time. The city boasts many interesting things to see and do, plus it is very easy to navigate by public transportation (train or metro) or by bike.

One of the favorite things to do in Paris is flâner, wander around the city and its parks aimlessly and nobody needs company for doing this. Also, museums like the Louvre or the Orsay Museum are best absorbed alone, staring at your favorite paintings as long as you need to catch their beauty and skipping the parts that interest you less.

On the other hand, solo travelers who want to meet other people have many opportunities to do so, by joining wine tastings, cooking classes or guided tours to explore the surroundings of Paris.

Solo travelers who don’t want to spend much on accommodation can opt for a hostel with kitchen (great for meeting other travelers too) or set their base camp in less central districts of Paris, with fewer sights around but more local life.

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic 

*Contributed by Adriana of Czech The World

The Czech Republic ranks among the TOP 10 safest countries in the world, which makes it perfect even for solo female travelers. On the other hand – if you want to socialize, there is nothing easier than join some Prague pub crawl.

The Czech Republic is a land of history, castles and chateaus, ancient cities, awesome beer, and delicious wine. You will find here 14 UNESCO sites! Not only Prague but many other cities and towns have romantic cobblestone streets with Gothic and Renaissance buildings, where you can find lovely cafes or pubs with world-famous beer.

Czech beer isn’t just great, it’s also very cheap (less than 2 Euros for half a liter of draft beer or less than 1 Euro for a beer in a supermarket). In bigger cities like Prague or Brno, you can enjoy the great nightlife. Pubs, bars, and clubs are usually open until late at night.

There are also good hiking opportunities. Outdoor and nature lovers shouldn’t miss national parks and protected areas with mystical sandstone pillars, which created unique rock cities like Adršpach or Prachovské skály.

Naxos Greece

Naxos Island, Greece

*Contributed by Chrysoula of  Travel Passionate

The island of Naxos in the heart of the Cyclades is one of the larger Greek islands that is a favorite among solo travelers, couples and families alike. The reason it is such an ideal destination is that it features a charming chora (or main town) which is the first port of call when you get off the boat, and even if you don’t venture much further than this, you’ll still have a great Greek experience.

Naxos Town features winding cobblestone streets, a hilltop castle, the epic Temple of Apollo (or the Naxos Window) as well as a bustling shopping and nightlife scene. There are also a handful of stunning beaches that can be reached from the main town, so you don’t have to go far to have an all-encompassing trip.

Another factor that makes Naxos great for solo travelers, in particular, is that there is a safe, reliable public transport system that serves the island, so even if you don’t hire a car, you can still access sites such as the ancient Kouros, Byzantine churches and more remote beaches.

While the Greek islands aren’t known for having many hostels, Naxos does have a selection of studios and hotels with friendly staff and some social spaces which allow you to meet fellow travelers.

Solo Travel Croatia


*Contributed by Monika of Frank about Croatia

When you think about Croatia, you probably think of family vacations with kids, but what if it could be the total opposite. Croatia offers so many relaxing as well as adventurous places that wait to be discovered and experienced on your own!

If you are traveling by plane and want to visit as many places as possible, you definitely should rent a car  – explore the coast and the beautiful cities on the road. Visit National Parks such as Plitvice Lakes and Krka, where you can also take a swim in the summer.

For the brave ones – Bungee jumping on the Maslenica bridge, skydiving near the city of Split as well as zip lines over the Pazin cave in Istria and the River Cetina in south Dalmatia.

The locals here are very friendly and most of them speak English, German or Italian. Also they are willing to help you with tips and suggestions. Croatia really is full of breathtaking nature and historical cities so you better hurry up if you want to see everything!

where to travel alone

Galicia, Spain 

*Contributed by Inma of A World to Travel

Galicia, in Northwest Spain, could not be more different from the typical image one – that has not visited Spain – could have. Far from stereotypes like paella, sangria, siesta or flamenco; we only keep fiesta as one of our cornerstones.

Other than that, this region is as tranquil as it comes, green as Ireland, rainy as Scotland, and beautiful enough to be highlighted time over time by many world-known travel magazines.

With 7 cities among 50K and 300K people, the best way to explore Galicia is to walk some of the Caminos that crisscross it. Since the middle ages, pilgrims have come from all corners of Europe (and beyond) moved by their faith and a handful of other great reasons.

Great for introspection, you’ll never be fully alone if you don’t want to as the Camino is walked by several thousands yearly. And every night, in every ‘albergue’, you will find a friendly face to share a meal with. Enjoy!

places to travel alone


*Contributed by Heather of RaulersonGirlsTravel

Scotland is a beautiful country, and perfect for solo travelers thanks to an excellent public transport system. Whether it is on trains or buses, you can enjoy visiting major cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness easily. If you want to explore more of the Highlands, you can always rent a vehicle.

English is spoken readily, although you might run into a few that have strong Scottish accents and that is always a good time.

There are plenty of sites to see in Scotland such as all the amazing architecture, spooky graveyards, standing stone circles, battlefield memorials and castles everywhere you look.

If you don’t want to travel too much, you can choose to spend all your time in one place. Edinburgh would be an excellent location because it has plenty to keep you occupied (castle, palace, hiking, haunted tours, pubs, and great food).

If you want to be around more people you can always take a day trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness or go an Outlander Tour. With the ease to get around and the multitude of fun things to do, Scotland is the perfect country to travel solo.

best places to travel solo


*Contributed by Rhonda of Travel? Yes Please!

Ireland is known for the friendly atmosphere. Throughout the country, many of the locals you will meet will be quick to start up conversations, share stories, and offer suggestions of places to visit. Visiting pubs and staying in a bed and breakfasts will make it easy to meet people and socialize so loneliness isn’t an issue.

On the flip side, if you cherish your alone time, Ireland has plenty of places you can escape to and leave the crowds behind. A road trip around the country reveals lovely small towns, deserted ancient ruins, empty country roads, and quiet landscapes for enjoying a hike or bike ride. You will definitely enjoy exploring old churches, castles, forts, and cycling around a remote island.

Even when you travel alone, the Irish culture of hospitality means you will never feel lonely. This generally welcoming and easygoing nature makes it easy to feel confident navigating the country solo.

solo travel


*Contributed by Pia of

As the safest and happiest country in the world, Finland is one of the best places to travel alone. Finland has a unique offering for both urban lovers as well as nature enthusiasts who don’t mind a cooler climate.

The country has four distinct seasons so make your pick from the midnight sun and blooming nature in the summer, colorful foliage of the autumn, high chances of snow and northern lights in the winter, or the awakening of nature during the short but sweet spring.

Helsinki is a perfect destination for a city break with museums, design and architecture around the year, as well as island hopping in the beautiful archipelago and other outdoor activities in the warmer months.

There are great day trip destinations from the capital of Finland, such as the historic towns Turku and Porvoo, the southernmost tip of mainland Finland in Hanko, as well as national parks within reach.

In the middle of Finland you find the thousands of lakes and summer cottages (with saunas of course) where people retreat for quietness and relaxation. Lapland has the freshest air in Europe, an abundance of opportunities for winter sports and is home to Santa Claus. 

solo travel norway


*Contributed by Megan of Absolute Armenia

Norway only has 5 million residents but the amount of land per person makes the Scandinavian beauty one of the least densely populated places in Europe. There are many things to keep travelers occupied if heading to Norway alone. This is truly a wonderful place for those looking for an introspective vacation.

Make sure to head to Northern Norway. There are several great places up north… from the North Cape and beautiful and treeless Magerøya island to the gorgeous national parks in and around Bodø.

But, perhaps no place is as awe-inspiring as the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. These gorgeous islands are known for the iconic Lofoten rorbuer (fisherman cabins) and dramatic landscapes.

Traveling there alone makes the trip easier to budget as you can hitchhike around or leisurely take your time and have the opportunity to do some hiking or relaxing in some of Europe’s most dynamic and picturesque scenery.

Another great reason to head to Norway alone is that it is an expensive country and you can budget according to your budget without having to stress about meeting others’ budgets. You can enjoy the type of trip you want depending on your own budget and not have to worry about eating at a nice restaurant because someone you’re traveling with doesn’t want to pay the prices or vice versa.  

Norwegians speak exceptional English and if you get lonely, you won’t have a communication problem with any of the locals. Norway is a safe country with lovely people and it truly is one of the best places to travel alone in the world.

travel alone

The Netherlands

*Contributed by Jasmine of The Life of a Social Butterfly 

Inspired to embark on your first solo travel experience? The Netherlands is one of the best places to travel alone for many reasons – the main being accessibility from Europe’s most well-known countries and convenient transport links.

The Netherlands is located within an hour’s flying distance of Europe’s main countries. This means within an hour you can be in The Netherlands ready to see the cube houses in Rotterdam with your own eyes, take a boat ride along Amsterdam’s famous canals and enjoy a beach break in The Hague.

Make sure to also visit the famous tulips fields the country is famous for. You’ll be surprised to learn all about the vast variety of tulips and where tulips actually originated from!

All these places and more are within an hour’s train ride from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Alternatively, you can take the ferry or the Eurostar to Holland’s main cities. 




*Contributed by Madhurima of Orange Wayfarer

White stretches of fine sand plays hide and seek beyond the sharp edges of palm leaves. Tropical sun shines atop the florid flame trees. The swanky nice resorts are abuzz with Sega tunes, and occasional Bollywood music.

That is the usual portrayal of Mauritius, with super cool luxury resorts dotting picturesque Indian ocean.

However, there is a whole lot of history, culture and tangible urban living thriving beyond the coast line, where the real country lives. The real Mauritius, with its ever kind and hospitable people, always ready to open the door for you with a plate of Dhal Puri is not that difficult to find and will touch your heart at ease!

Beyond the beaches and snorkeling within the lagoon created by the ancient volcanic rim, Mauritius has a handful on offer. You will be intrigued by the capital city, Port Louis.

As a solo female traveler, make sure to take to the streets of Port Louis, meander through the crowd to buy fresh litchi from the corner, chose your piece of potato in the Biryani, marvel at the saree mannequins on display at the shop houses.

Mauritius was an uninhabited island, with only a handful of African slaves that the French colonists brought in to serve at the sugar plantations. Later, slavery was abolished and the British brought in Indians in the name of indentured labors. Needless to say, like Creole language, Mauritius lives a blended cultural life! 

Mauritius has a number of ethnic communities living in close quarters, say the Chinese, the Bohra Muslims and the Christians. All of them make it a point to hit the beach on a weekend and make merry. A robust public bus service connects the tips of the island with frequent routes, though be aware of the fact that traffic condition can be a challenge at times. 

solo travel


New Zealand

*Contributed by Holly of Globeblogging

New Zealand is a stunning country, and no matter what kind of holiday you are looking for there is something for you. Epic scenery will delight photographers with volcanic landscapes on the North Island and Glacial on the South. Adventurers will find plenty to get the adrenaline pumping in Rotorua on the North, or Queenstown on the South.

The people are friendly, they speak English and everything is oh so easy. There’s so much to see that hiring a car and doing an epic road trip is really the best way to go – you will get plenty of photo opportunities.

It pays to check the weather patterns before you book. If you go in December your trip may end up being quite wet. Fortunately there is still heaps to do in places like Queenstown when it rains.  




*Contributed by Cate of Sacred Wanderings

Armenia is a fabulous country and one of the best places for solo travel, not only because it is exceptionally safe, but also because the Armenian people are so welcoming and warm. Yerevan is Armenia’s capital and a perfect home base in this small country.

The city is walkable and has excellent public transportation, as well as a good network of taxis that run on apps for safety and convenience.

Affordable group tours to various sites in Armenia, such as UNESCO monasteries and nature preserves in the mountains, leave from Yerevan daily. There is an abundance of fabulous food in and beyond Yerevan and it’s not hard to find vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Festivals occur throughout the Spring and Summer in Yerevan or nearby and are a great opportunity to meet Armenians and other travelers. Most importantly: Armenia is stunningly gorgeous, and a particular gem for the solo traveler who loves nature and history, and still received relatively few tourists, making it an affordable gem. 

best places to travel alone


*Contributed by Rose of Where Goes Rose

India is definitely one of the best places to travel alone. Every day is an adventure, full of learning curves, challenges, and new experiences. While some people would recoil at the idea of traveling India solo, you will have incredible experiences traveling both north and south India as a solo female.

Indian people are very friendly and welcoming to foreign travelers and there are countless hostels where you can meet people. Most hostels run free walking tours, food crawls and other activities which also keeps the costs down by sharing fees. Hostel chains to stay at include Moustache, CrashPad and Zostel.

Best destinations in India for solo travelers include Jaipur, Pushkar, Agra and Rishikesh (the latter is a great place to take yoga courses). Down in the south of India, ideal destinations for solo travel include Goa, Kerala and Pondicherry.

Tips for traveling solo in India include staying with groups when walking alone at night, and booking 1st or 2nd class carriages on trains for more security and privacy. Stay confident and have a great time!

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best places to travel alone


*Contributed by Slavi of GlobalCastaway

The thing most people fear about solo travel is that they’re going to get bored. Well, you can’t get bored in Indonesia, there are just too many things to see and do. Greet the sunrise on an active volcano, sail trough the rivers of Borneo in search of the elusive orangutans, or simply hunt for the perfect Instagram photo in Bali. There are plenty of bucket list experiences to chose from.

It’s not only impossible to get bored in Indonesia, but it’s also impossible to get lonely. Swarmed with all kind of travelers, meeting like-minded souls and making new friends there is virtually effortless.

Another huge plus of Indonesia is that traveling there can fit every budget. Solo journeys often require you to spend extra for accommodation and transport but coming from a western country; even a moderate budget would be more than enough. Even in the world-famous Bali, living on a budget is not a hard thing to do. 

Add to that a great tropical weather and a safe environment with kind and helpful locals, and you can see why Indonesia is a worthy contender for the title of best place to travel solo.

best places to travel solo


*Contributed by Kieren of Got My Backpack

When it comes to the best places to travel alone, there are few better places than Vietnam. From the bustling cities where motorbikes outnumber people, to the picturesque scenery where jagged limestone cliffs protrude from the ground, surrounded by luscious green paddy fields; the variety on offer in Vietnam is unrivaled.

Not to mention how cheap it is as a westerner, a draft beer in Hanoi can be found for as little as 5,000 VND (£0.17 / €0.18).

The country’s naturally thin shape has resulted in a well-trodden backpacker trail with most itineraries following a similar route. This makes it incredibly easy to find other travelers heading in the same direction who you can buddy up with, or just have a friendly face to call on when you arrive.

The hostel scene in Vietnam is thriving which is ideal for those traveling alone and looking to meet others. Those who prefer a party atmosphere will feel at home in one of the Vietnam Backpackers Hostels, whilst those who prefer more of a chilled out atmosphere will find plenty of friendly, family-run hostels.

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*Contributed by Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel 

Japan is the total travel package for any traveler. It’s easy to navigate, it is rich in history, it has exceptional public transport, the best food in the world, and wonderfully preserved culture. This beautiful country will embrace you with kindness yet offer unique adventures at every turn. It’s the perfect country to travel alone, especially if it’s your first international solo journey. 

Japan is remarkably safe, and repeatedly makes the top 10 list for the safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. You will always be surprised to see people leaving their expensive handbags and various belongings in their bike baskets as they run into a grocery store – because theft and crime are not an issue!

While Japan has beautiful natural wonders, such as Mount Fuji (highly recommend climbing it if you have the time!), to dazzling temples and shrines, such as Fushimi Inari Taisha and Kinkaku-ji, the highlight of Japan is without a doubt its food.

Tokyo alone has 230 Michelin star restaurants! (The next closest city is Paris with 113.) A few favorite Japanese foods are Ramen, Soba, Gyoza, Tempura, Dango, Mochi, Tamagoyaki and, of course, sushi and sashimi. 

solo travel


*Contributed by Kylee Nelson of Passports and Preemies

Solo travel can be a scary and stress-inducing experience or an exhilarating adventure. Thailand remains one of the best places to travel alone. From meeting other solo travelers throughout the country to the sheer amount of things to do, this cheap and lively country is best experienced solo.

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for its white-sand beaches and party atmosphere. The country is diverse and welcoming, which makes it a perfect fit for a solo traveler.

The best way to experience Thailand is to experience each of its different regions. Head north towards Chiang Mai to visit elephant sanctuaries and climb waterfalls. The Bua Tong Waterfall, or the “sticky waterfall”, is a unique experience I urge you to have. When you’re done relaxing in the north head to the bustling city of Bangkok.  

Here you can temple hop throughout the day, visit the Rot Fai Train Night Market to eat cheap food and meet other travelers, and end the night partying on one of the many rooftop bars overlooking the city. Finish your Thai vacation by heading south to beach hop your way through Southern Thailand. Each region a different experience, and each region suited for solo travelers.

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Taipei Taiwan


*Contributed by Mariza of Hoponworld

Taiwan is, without doubt, one of the best places to travel alone – it’s incredibly safe, easy to get around, and there’s plenty to keep you busy for a few days. 

Despite being a relatively small island in East Asia, Taiwan offers solo travelers an array of activities, no matter your interests. Whether you’re looking to marvel at the diverse landscapes, hike the serene mountain retreats, explore the vibrant cities, or dive right into the culture – Taiwan has it all! 

While there’s plenty to do in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, spending a few days exploring Taiwan’s 9 National Parks and more remote areas is also highly encouraged. Taroko Gorge and Alishan are among Taiwan’s most famous tourist attractions and a huge must on any Taiwan trip. Further afield, Kenting is a firm favorite among beachgoers while Kaohsiung is revered as Taiwan’s art mecca.

Before you jet off on a solo trip to Taiwan, though, make sure to download Google Translate on your cell phone. Language barriers aren’t uncommon in rural areas. Grabbing an Easy Card (Taiwan’s transit card) is also highly encouraged for a stress-free trip. 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

*Contributed by Amit of OutKite

Travelling alone can be a pleasant experience, full of personal growth and introspection. Some destinations are indeed more challenging to explore as a solo, but visiting Hong Kong is not a problem – it turns out it is one of the best places to travel alone.

Due to its low crime rate, compliant health and security services and well-developed infrastructure and roadways, Hong Kong is one of the safest cities for solo traveling. Keeping in mind that being careful and sensible is a prerequisite of traveling under any circumstances, there is not much to worry about while going across this city.

Concerning the food, shopping or the nightlife, Hong Kong is a city that won’t disappoint you, and there’s so much to see and do in this precipitous city that you will never run out of things that you could do! Not only is it a tourist destination but also an essential business and trade hub in Asia.

Famous for its transcending skyline of glass and steel, if you love nature Hong Kong won’t disappoint you. Hong Kong is also a destination with many single residents and travelers who are usually happy to engage in chit-chat, so you might make a new friend over coffee.

Costa Rica

Central America

Costa Rica

*Contributed by Michele of Adventures Abound

Not only is Costa Rica an excellent choice for a solo adventure, but it is also an incredible place to start your international travel experience.

While the native language is Spanish, Costa Ricans are known for their warmth and hospitality, so travelers coming alone are sure to be welcomed regardless of their Spanish abilities or travel experience.

The country also has a lively expat and backpackers scene, so whether you are looking to stay solo or meet other travelers on your journey, there is never an issue finding what you are looking for.

What makes Costa Rica especially unique is that it holds nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity. This means you can be ziplining through the jungle in a misty cloud forest in the morning after a cup of world class coffee grown on volcanic soil, and end your day surfing while the sun sets on some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

The country is incredibly affordable and easy to navigate, so it is friendly to budget travelers and luxury connoisseurs alike. As a solo traveler, Costa Rica has everything you need for an adventure, so what are you waiting for?  


South America


*Contributed by Roshni of The Wanderlust Within

Bolivia is one of the best places to travel alone. Upon arriving, you will quickly fall in love with the mountains and the faint sound of traditional Bolivian music in the air. No matter how long you plan to stay, if your schedule is flexible you will end up extending your stay.

Travelling solo through Bolivia will feel like a breath of fresh air after tackling the pick pockets in Buenos Aires and the general safety concerns in Brazil. Bolivia is safe to roam as a solo female traveler and you will never feel uneasy.

The highlights of any trip to Bolivia will likely include the Uyuni Salt Flats, seeing flamingos in the wild, searching for anacondas in the Bolivian Amazon and learning Spanish in Sucre. 

best places to travel alone


*Contributed by Claire Sturzaker of This Travel Lover

There is something very special about Colombia. Perhaps it is the people, the relative lack of tourists, or the country itself, which is filled with incredible natural wonders. Whatever it is, you can’t help but fall in love with Colombia. 

Though Colombia is one of the best places to travel alone, visiting Colombia alone can have its challenges, but if you learn a few words of Spanish and get used to questions about the whereabouts of your husband and children you’ll do just fine.

Colombian women rarely travel alone, so you will attract attention and curious looks, but it won’t usually be anything more sinister.

In fact, Colombians are very friendly and welcoming to visitors who come here, keen to shake off Colombia’s difficult past.    

Take the time to explore this magnificent country; hike to the Lost City in the jungle, sunbathe on glorious beaches, marvel at stunning valleys, mountains and deserts. Wander the streets of colorful towns, learn to dance salsa or party till dawn during Carnival. For a real adventure, head into the Amazon and take a slow boat down the river to Brazil. Colombia is a special place and a wonderful place to discover as a solo female traveller.

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Atacama Desert, Chile

*Contributed by Lori of TravlinMad

If solitude and isolation are what you’re seeking in a travel destination, the South American country of Chile has so many places that fit the bill, making it one of the best places to travel alone.

The remote region of Patagonia might first come to mind, but equally as compelling is the Atacama Desert in the northernmost part of the country. In stark contrast to Patagonia’s landscape but equally as epic, the Atacama Desert is unlike anywhere else in the world, unless you’ve been to the Moon.

Spanning across four countries — Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile (though Chile claims the largest part) — the Atacama is the world’s driest non-polar desert and an adventure lovers dream. You can hike the parched nooks and crannies or sandboard the dunes in the Valle de la Luna practically uninterrupted by the presence of others.
Bring a swimsuit and float in the Laguna Cejar, a volcanic lagoon so salty it’s impossible to sink. And the thermal hot springs and erupting geysers at El Tatio are a sight to see before dawn. With over 40,000 square miles and hundreds of unique things to do, the Atacama Desert is the perfect place to travel alone and get lost for a while.

brooklyn heights view

North America

New York City, The United States 

*Contributed by Heather of Trimm Travels

New York is definitely one of the best places to travel alone. It is perfect for the solo traveler because it’s a safe and easily walkable city with a fantastic public transportation system for those times when walking the distance isn’t possible. No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it to be authentic and delicious!

Fancy being part of a studio audience? What about taking a tango lesson, looking for street art or darting into a pop-up shop? All are possible and can be done solo in the Big Apple. There truly is something for every single person out there from sunset chasers and history buffs to park lovers, music enthusiasts, and museum-goers. 

The best part? New York City doesn’t care if you’re a party of one. They welcome it with open arms!


Colorado, United States

*Contributed by Jenny of Limitless Hiker

Colorado is one of the best places to travel alone you can ever hope to visit. Make sure to start your journey in Denver, the fun capital. From there, drive up to the Rocky Mountain National Park which is just a few hours away.

Stay in Estes Park right outside the national park and spend two days exploring trails. It is beautiful. If you’re going in the winter, make sure you bring winter clothing and winter boots so you can hike in and a traction device like microspikes or snowshoes. 

From Rocky Mountain National Park, hop on the I-70 freeway to explore the towns around there including Silverton, Breckenridge, Eagle, Avon, Vail, and Glenwood Springs. From Glenwood Springs head towards Aspen.

Along this journey, stop along the way to hike, camp and explore the area in the summer. In the winter, you can snowboard or ski at resorts like Copper Mountain and Aspen Snowmass, or even snow hike along the way.

Puerto Rico

*Contributed by Martha of Quirky Globetrotter

Puerto Rico is a great place to travel alone. Once you visit, you quickly realize it is much more than the picturesque beaches you had imagined. It is also packed with adventurous waterfall hikes, historical architecture and even a lush rainforest.

Yet, what makes Porto Rico a great solo travel destination is the people. Even though you may be traveling solo, you will never feel lonely. You may well end up eating mofongo with a local and learning about the dynamic history of the island. Do more than sightsee, experience culture by venturing to Puerto Rico.

What are the best places to travel alone that should be included in this list?

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