Big Berry Slovenia is a fantastic glamping site located in the beautiful, lesser known region of Bela krajina. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the nature and culture that this region has to offer. 

Located in Primostek, on the border with Croatia, this luxury resort is the kind of place where you can completely relax, feel at one with nature, and yet enjoy the comforts of modern life and more. And as it is in a border region, once you are there you will have the chance of exploring two countries!

As soon as you walk into your bungalow at Big Berry Luxury Landscape Resort, you will know you are in for a treat and that ahead of you lays one of the most relaxing experiencing you can imagine. 

In this post, I highlight everything you need to know before booking your stay at Big Berry Slovenia.

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Big Berry Slovenia

Is this really all ours? My sister and I loved our bungalow at Big Berry Slovenia

7 Things To Know About Big Berry Slovenia

Big Berry Slovenia location

Big Berry is a beautiful glamping site right by the Kolpa River, in the region of Bela krajina. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, it at about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive, while Metlika, one of the biggest local towns, is at about 6 minutes drive – there you will find the biggest selections of shops, restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as grocery stores – where you will want to shop, so that you can make use of the well-equipped kitchen!

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is at an easy 1 hour 20 minutes drive. So you can literally explore two beautiful European capitals while enjoying the tranquility of staying in a lesser known region. 

Indeed, Big Berry is set in the most beautiful, tranquil countryside, and the only sound you will be able to hear while there will be that of the light breeze sweeping the trees; of the occasional cow mooing; and of the strong rain when it pours during the night. That silence is real bliss!

Big Berry Slovenia

Stressing out in the jacuzzi… NOT!

Understated luxury

‘Luxury of Freedom’ is the tagline of Big Berry – and luxury you’ll find. Yet, it’s hardly in your face – it’s subtle, and oh-so-cozy. 

As soon as you walk in, you will find a nice, spacious and bright kitchen that has anything you may possibly need to prepare a scrumptious meal; wine glasses (because wine in Bela krajina is actually really good); and a comfortable couch perfect for relaxing. As a welcome, all guests are gifted a basket full of local products: a craft beer from the local brewery Vizir; a delicious jar of local honey; a freshly pressed apple juice; a piece of fresh pogaca, the local bread; and the Big Berry Slovenia shower gel. 

There are 7 bungalows. One of them sleeps just two; one sleeps four guest and the rest sleep up to six guests – so it’s the ideal place to stay for a family with children or a small group of friends. There are two rooms with actually massive closets, a really comfortable bed with the coziest comforter, and a bathroom with a powerful shower. 

In the living room, you will find a massive flat screen tv with cable tv (and Netflix: just in case you prefer staying in for the night). On the porch, there is a large hot tub perfect to relax in an idyllic scenario.

To complete an already perfect scenario, not far from the bungalows there are some beautiful sun beds and swings under some trees, and a fantastic barbecue that you can use during the summer and which apparently has been the scene of many parties organized by the wonderful stuff.

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Big Berry

Breakfast at Big Berry – photo courtesy of Lily France

Fabulous breakfast

Breakfast at Big Berry is served on the porch, where there’s a large dining table. If the weather is nice, it’s really the perfect spot to start the day while taking in the beautiful surroundings. And what a this is! Every morning, someone from the staff delivers a basket full of goodies -fresh fruits, fresh milk from local producers, top quality locally sourced yogurt, cheese, fragrant pastries, freshly baked pogaca (a local focaccia bread), juice, muesli, coffee and what not for a breakfast in style.

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Big Berry

Our neighbors at Big Berry

Support of local businesses

This leads me to talk about one of the things I like the most about Big Berry Slovenia Luxury Landscape Resort: instead of sourcing for whatever is cheap at a big grocery store, Big Berry only partners with small local businesses.

From oil to dairy and honey producers, to local bakeries, vineyards and beer crafters, and even a local gym where guests can attend fitness classes, Big Berry Slovenia has implemented a system that not only provides the camp with local products, but supports the local economy allowing it to grow and thrive and at the same time facilitating the creation of a better infrastructure to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors.

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Krupa river

Activities at Big Berry Slovenia

The staff at Big Berry is always available to help you organize activities. Here is a selection of things you can do:

CANOE ON THE RIVER KOLPA – Canoes and kayaks are available at Big Berry for all guests.

BIKING – Big Berry guests can borrow one of the resort’s bikes to explore the region.

GUIDED TOURS OF BELA KRAJINA – There are many interesting places to visit in Bela krajina and you can join one of the guided tours departing from Big Berry to get to know them. Make sure not to miss the River Krupa, Krupa Castle and the Mithraeum of Rozanec.

WINE TASTING – One of the best nearby vineyards is in Semic, where the owner Samoel Malnaric will tell you about the history of the local wines, about their production and the overall wine culture of Slovenia. You can also enjoy wine tasting while dining in Veselic. Finally, make sure to try Penina, Slovenia’s champagne. 

CRAFT BEER TASTING – The local brewery, Vizir, produces some excellent ales.

HONEY TASTING – You can taste the sweetest honey as well as the honey liquor in Metlika, at Čebelarstvo Veselič.

OIL TASTING – Smother your skin with the fabulous oils produced by Oljarna Pecaric. You can try pumpkin oil, walnut oil and many other.

HOMESTEAD SRAJF POCAGA WORKSHOP – Learn how to bake your own pogaca. 

LIQUOR FACTORY – Berryshka makes some excellent liquors. 

SHIATSU MASSAGE – Just in case you need to further relax.

SATURDAY DINNER – A special night during which a local chef cooks dinner for all guests at the resort.

Book your stay at Big Berry Slovenia Luxury Landscape Resort here

How to get to Big Berry Slovenia

Big Berry is at about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Ljubljana and 1 hour 20 minutes drive from Zagreb. The best way to get there is by car, but you can also get a public bus to Metlika from the capital (around two hours) and ask someone from staff to pick you up from there.

When to visit

Big Berry is usually open from April to October. Summer is the perfect time to visit – Kolpa River is really warm then, and you will have more chances to explore the area. Winter in this part of the country can be harsh, with lots of snow and wind.

Final Consideration About Big Berry Slovenia

Perhaps the best thing at Big Berry is the vibe. The staff is always incredibly nice, friendly and helpful but never in an intrusive way. They will help you organize activities, they give plenty of advice, they are easy going, and the give Big Berry Slovenia that special, cozy atmosphere that will make you want to come back for more.

Big Berry Slovenia first opened to customers in 2017, and I highly recommend to visit. There is no doubt that this is one of the best places to stay in Bela krajina.

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Legal Disclaimer: I was a guest of Big Berry during my stay in Primostek. All the views and opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience. The views expressed are honest and factual without any bias.

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Discover how to make the most of Big Berry Slovenia - via @clautavani

Discover how to make the most of your time at Big Berry Slovenia - via @clautavani