The Best Hotels In Cagliari: Where To Stay In Sardinia’s Capital

hotels in Cagliari

Finding good hotels in Cagliari is easy – even more so when you have a local telling you where to stay! The capital of Sardinia is packed with good accommodation options, and even though there aren’t many big hotels, there are plenty of smaller, cozy and stylish boutique hotels, and excellent places to stay for … Read more

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv: A Complete Review

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv is an excellent place to stay when visiting the most fun city in Israel. Abraham Hostel is a friendly hostel, suitable for solo travelers, couples, groups of friends and families thanks to its big variety of accommodation and facilities. Located in the heart of town, it offers a wide variety of … Read more

The Best Maldives Accommodation Guide For All Budgets

Maldives accommodation

Picking your Maldives accommodation shouldn’t be a hassle. The Maldives is a small country, yet a popular holiday destination. In recent years, it has opened up to independent and budget travel and you can easily stay at one of the lovely Maldives guest houses. Yet, when we think of this country, we mostly just picture … Read more