Everything You Need To Know About Ushuaia Patagonia

Ushuaia Patagonia

Ushuaia Patagonia: few places on earth are so mysterious yet so charming. Argentinians call it “Fin del Mundo” – end of the world. And upon visiting, the impression one has is really that of being at the end of the world, not so much geographically (though to be fair, this really is the southernmost city … Read more

A Guide To Hiking Around Fitz Roy, In El Chalten

Fitz Roy

I had been dreaming of hiking to Laguna de Los Tres, the base of Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentinian Patagonia, since my first trip to Argentina in 2012. Back then, a million of reasons – none of them good enough, if I think about it now – prevented me from going to El Chalten, the … Read more