23 Useful Tips For Long Haul Flights

tips for long haul flights

What are your top tips for long haul flights? I frequently get asked this question by friends, relatives and readers. It’s time I answer it here. Let’s face it: long haul flights are not fun – at least, not my idea of fun. Tight seats; poor quality food; tiny, crumped and at times dirty bathrooms; … Read more

The Complete List Of Travel Essentials For Women

travel essentials for women

This list of travel essentials for women includes all the items that a girl shouldn’t travel without. It took me years of traveling and carrying heavy backpacks to master the art of packing – and even more so the art of packing light. I always ended up packing too much and bringing stuff that I’d … Read more

All The Useful Backpacking Essentials For Long Term Travel

backpacking essentials

This list of backpacking essentials includes all the items that should never be missing in your backpack. You’re all ready for your big backpacking trip. You’ve been dreaming of this for years. You got your flights. You have thought about a rough itinerary. You booked a place to stay for the first few nights. You’ve … Read more

A Perfect Packing List

travel check list

If you are traveling – whether long or short term – there are some things you can’t do without. Discover what are the items that you need to include in your packing list. Packing efficiently for a trip – whether a long or short one – is easier said than done. Until a few years … Read more

Hiking The Jordan Trail: Dana To Petra Trek

Jordan Trail

Hiking the Jordan Trail is an incredible experience, even more so if you walk the Dana to Petra trek. If you love hiking, enjoy physical fatigue, puffing, sweating, and even cursing until you reach the final point of a hike, you will enjoy hiking the Jordan Trail. The Dana to Petra trek is no walk … Read more

18 Things To Know Before You Visit Petra, Jordan


You absolutely must visit Petra during a trip to Jordan. Most of people in my generation dream to visit Petra since having watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the cinema. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is absolutely massive, and although you may think that you can simply show up and wander around … Read more