How To Make The Most Of London In A Day

London in a day

Seeing London in a day is practically impossible. London is an immense city. I have lived there for 8 years and I don’t think I have seen it all. if you only have one day in London, you will only be able to see a fraction of what the city has to offer. Some may … Read more

The Best Roma Pass Options And How To Make The Most Of It

Roma pass

Getting the Roma Pass when visiting Rome is a great idea to save a bit of money on attractions. It will give you access to some of the most famous cultural sites in Rome. It will allow you to skip the long lines at famous tourist attractions; and it will provide you some useful tools … Read more

The Best 2 Days In Paris Itinerary, With Useful Tips + Hacks

Best cities to visit in France

If you are thinking of going to Paris, I am happy for you – and perhaps a little envious too. This is a city I hopelessly love, probably my favorite in Europe and definitely one of my favorites in the world. Last time I visited, I spent a full week in Paris and it still … Read more

The Best Itinerary For 3 Days In San Francisco

3 days in San Francisco

If you are a first-timer and have 3 days in San Francisco, you can see a lot of the city and get a good idea of its atmosphere and of what it has to offer. Incredibly multi-cultural, with an out-of-this-world art scene, blissfully open-minded and liberal, it’s easy to fall in love with San Francisco. … Read more

What To Wear In Venice: A Perfect Venice Packing List For Any Season

things to do in Venice where to stay in Venice what to wear in Venice

Are you looking for what to wear in Venice and not sure what to include in your Venice packing list? Great, you came to the right place! Although Venice, Italy is known for its fashion-forward residents, fashion in Venice is never an issue. People tend to be informal toward visitors who put comfort before fashion. … Read more

A Fun Itinerary For 4 Days In New York

4 days in New York

Do you have 4 days in New York and are trying to figure out an itinerary that will help you make the most of the city, see as many attractions as possible, and have fun while you do? Worry not: I am here to help. Truth be told, seeing New York in 4 days is … Read more

A Fabulous Itinerary For 3 Days In New York

3 days in New York

Do you have 3 days in New York and are you unsure where to start exploring? Stop worrying, because this post will guide you to everything you can see and do in 3 days in New York, with an easy-to-follow itinerary. I promise you that you’ll be able to see the best of the city … Read more