What To Wear In Cuba

what to wear in Cuba

Deciding what to wear in Cuba and what to pack on a trip to Cuba isn’t quite as simple as packing for trips to other Latin American or Caribbean countries. It’s a similar climate, after all. However, while you should pack all the usual stuff (which I’ve listed below), you really need to make sure … Read more

A Useful Packing List For Mexico

packing list for Mexico

Are you traveling to Mexico and are not sure about what to wear in Mexico, and even less so what to bring with you? Let me start by saying that Mexico has different climates and that there are seasons in Mexico too (though perhaps without the dramatic changes known in other places). This means that … Read more

A Guide To The Poon Hill Trek, Nepal


Hiking the Poon Hill Trek, in Nepal, is an exhilarating experience. If you never miss a chance to hike and think that this is a fantastic way to get close to nature, to learn more about the history, culture and way of life of a country, and even to meet other travelers, you will love … Read more

The Perfect Patagonia Packing List

Patagonia packing list

This Patagonia packing list has everything you need to take with you if you intend to hike in Patagonia. I first visited Patagonia in February 2012 and was surprised to learn that although it was the peak of the summer, sudden weather changes could cause a snowstorm to happen at any moment. I remember one … Read more

What To Wear In Sri Lanka: The Best Sri Lanka Packing List

What to wear in Sri Lanka

Knowing what to wear in Sri Lanka will save you a lot of hassle when actually visiting. Sri Lanka is gorgeous and it has something to offer to any kind of traveler. Whether you are looking for a beach retreat; unique culture; challenging hikes or a fantastic mix of all, you are bound to find … Read more

The Complete List Of Travel Essentials For Women

travel essentials for women

This list of travel essentials for women includes all the items that a girl shouldn’t travel without. It took me years of traveling and carrying heavy backpacks to master the art of packing – and even more so the art of packing light. I always ended up packing too much and bringing stuff that I’d … Read more

All The Useful Backpacking Essentials For Long Term Travel

backpacking essentials

This list of backpacking essentials includes all the items that should never be missing in your backpack. You’re all ready for your big backpacking trip. You’ve been dreaming of this for years. You got your flights. You have thought about a rough itinerary. You booked a place to stay for the first few nights. You’ve … Read more