15 Things To Do In Saigon In Just 3 Days

Things to do in Saigon

Going to Saigon and don’t have much time to spend there? Here’s a brief guide to 10 things to do in Saigon in just 3 days! Saigon is the kind of city that takes you by surprise. You don’t expect much from it, and yet you end up loving it. Its vibe, its positive energy, … Read more

A Great Itinerary For A Fabulous Week In Rome

week in Rome

With one full week in Rome, you will really get to know the city well and can even push yourself beyond the city limit. A week in the city means having enough time to appreciate the top tourist attractions and to explore the lesser known ones. Mind you: even if you have 7 days in … Read more

A Wonderful Itinerary For 5 Days In Rome

5 days in Rome

5 days in Rome is just about the perfect amount of time to explore the city and to even push yourself beyond the city limits if you wish. Mind you: this doesn’t mean you can improvise. Rome is the kind of place that requires careful planning, because it gets such a large influx of tourists … Read more

A Fantastic Itinerary For 4 Days In Rome

4 days in Rome

If you have 4 days in Rome, you really will be able to see a lot of the city. Provided you are a fast paced visitor and that you carefully plan in advance, with a detailed day to day itinerary and booking the entrances to the various attractions, you will be able to go through … Read more

A Guide To The Things To Do In Riga, Latvia

things to do in Riga

There are many incredible things to do in Riga. The capital of Latvia is a fantastic mixture of history, tradition and modernity, to which you should add a buzzing cultural scene, fantastic dining opportunities and great nightlife. This is the country’s biggest city: about a third of the total population of Latvia lives in Riga. … Read more

20 Unmissable Things To Do In Bangkok

things to do in Bangkok

Who knew that there are so many things to do in Bangkok? I stopped there for a few days during my second trip to South East Asia, on my way to Vietnam. After having visited Indonesia in October 2015 on what was an enlightening experience as well as a complete cultural shock, I wasn’t expecting … Read more

A Great Guide To Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura is one of the best kept archeological sites of Sri Lanka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a lovely place to visit if you wish to learn a bit more about the interesting history and culture of this beautiful country. This was the capital of the Sinhalese Kingdom between the 4th century BC and … Read more

A Guide To The Things To Do In Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

View from Sigiriya Sri Lanka

There are many things to do in Sigiriya Sri Lanka – this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Most people travel here to visit the famous Rock of Sigiriya, but if you give it enough time you’ll discover a beautiful region, with lush nature and hidden gems that all deserved … Read more