Who Were The Main Roman Gods And Goddesses?

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Although today Rome is the main center of Catholicism, ancient Romans were actually polytheistic, and worshipped a number of Roman Gods and Goddesses whom they believed helped them succeed in their daily life and – most importantly – helped them achieve the objective to become rulers of much of the known world. Most of the … Read more

30 Best Quotes About Rome

quotes about Rome

Rome is one of the most famous global cities. Once the center of the vast Roman Empire and now the capital of Italy, this city is full of ancient monuments, grand Baroque buildings, charming streets, and endless discoveries to be made. Many people have come and gone over the centuries. And whether they’ve lived in … Read more

19 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Rome

visiting Rome

Are you visiting Rome for the first time? You must be incredibly excited, and also overwhelmed with the planning. The Italian capital is a massive city; one of the most popular places to visit in Italy and certainly one of the most visited cities in the world. Chaotic yet incredibly beautiful, this is the kind … Read more