The 30 Best Places To Travel Alone

day trips from Jerusalem

I often get asked what the best places to travel alone are. You see, many travelers – especially females – find the thought of spending even just a few days alone overwhelming. They fear it may be unsafe; they worry they will be lonely; they think they may get bored.  Well, let me tell you: … Read more

17 Must Watch Argentine Movies

Argentine movies

Argentine movies aren’t usually known internationally, but they are very good and entertaining. If you are curious to learn more about the country’s history, culture and way of life or simply want to immerse yourself in the beautiful language or admire the incredible landscapes Argentina has to offer from the very comfort of your couch, … Read more

11 Things Latin America Will Teach You

Everything is possible

Latin America will teach you a lesson. It definitely did to me. I have travelled so much since I was a child that even before going on my long term trips across Central and South America I thought of myself as an expert and independent traveller and as someone who knows how the world works. I’d … Read more

Virtual Traveling: 13 Ways To Travel Without Traveling

virtual traveling

What is virtual traveling? How can you travel without traveling?  Hans Christian Andersen once said that “to travel is to live.” To travel bloggers like me, it certainly is a necessity and a livelihood. We do this for a living, and if we don’t we almost lose purpose. To many others, traveling is a pastime, … Read more

19 Productive Things To Do At Home When You Can’t Travel

things to do at home

There are more things to do at home to keep busy and avoid boredom than you can imagine.  Writing from the comfort of my lockdown haven in Italy, I have been trying to remain optimistic and to continue, as much as possible, with my daily routine. A routine that has inevitably changed in many aspects … Read more