The Best Guide To Cenote Xkeken, Valladolid

cenote Xkeken

The Yucatan Peninsula is packed with gorgeous cenotes, and some of the best cenotes are found near the lovely Valladolid. Cenote Xkeken is definitely the most scenic one – or at least, the one my sister and I enjoyed the most (though back when we visited I complained a lot about how cold the water … Read more

A Guide To The Things To Do In Valladolid, Mexico

Things to do in Valladolid Mexico

When I visited Valladolid, Mexico, for the first time, I was on a Mexico road trip with my sister and we simply happened there as we wanted to break the journey from Merida to Tulum, on the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula. We hadn’t read much about it, so the city caught us completely … Read more

21 Fun Things To Do In Merida, Mexico

things to do in Merida Mexico

There are many great things to do in Merida, Mexico. The largest city of the Yucatan Peninsula, often nicknamed Ciudad Blanca (White City), Merida is a gorgeous colonial city with massive squares, colorful streets, beautiful churches, gorgeous buildings and inspiring museums, more than a market to get lost, lots of delicious restaurants and a unique, … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Campeche, Mexico

things to do in Campeche Mexico

Known as Mexico’s Rainbow City, Campeche is one of the prettiest cities in the Yucatan Peninsula, located pretty much on the opposite side to more famous places such as Cancun and Tulum. Often overlooked by travelers, those who visit don’t take long to realize that there are many more things to do in Campeche, Mexico, … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Isla Mujeres, Mexico

how to get from Cancun to Isla Mujeres Mexico

You wont’ find shortage of things to do in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. A 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun, off the Yucatan Peninsula, this small island is named after the Mayan Goddes Ixchel, the Goddess of fertility and happiness, and the name literally translates as “Island of Women.” A favorite destination for day trips from Cancun, … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Cancun

where to stay in Cancun

The largest city of the state of Quintana Roo (the capital is actually Chetumal), in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is blessed with some of the beautiful beaches of the famous Riviera Maya. With a large airport that connects it to the rest of the country and many other places in North America and Europe, it’s … Read more

How To Get From Mexico City To Oaxaca

from Mexico City to Oaxaca

Getting from Mexico City to Oaxaca is very easy and you won’t have troubles finding a suitable way, regardless of your budget or favorite means of transport. Oaxaca is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. A great example of colonial style architecture, the city is packed with nice plazas, beautiful churches, markets that … Read more

How To Get From Mexico City To Puebla

from Mexico City to Puebla

Getting from Mexico City to Puebla is incredibly easy – whatever your budget or preferred your means of transport is. Puebla is a fun place to visit, packed with colorful colonial buildings, beautiful churches, lots of great restaurants where to try Mexican cuisine (it’s here that you’ll find the best mole!). Since it’s quite close … Read more