What You Must Know Before Visiting Temple Mount And Dome Of The Rock

visiting Temple Mount

If you are in Jerusalem, you really must make it a point of visiting Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock. Jerusalem is a holy city for the three biggest monotheistic religions. Scattered in the Old City you will find many places of religious significance. One is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, thought to … Read more

Where To Get The Most Impressive Views Of Jerusalem

views of Jerusalem

You can get impressive views of Jerusalem from many places.  This city is one of the most photogenic ones in the world, and wether you are a photography geek, or an amateur photographer, you will get an endless kick at finding its most hidden alleys and corners to snap your best photo. This is a city … Read more

What You Should Know Before Doing A Hebron Tour


Taking a Hebron tour is a great way of learning more about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. If you ever visit Israel, and especially if you go to Jerusalem, you should make it a point to pay a visit to Hebron, West Bank. Though most people go to places like Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jericho and the … Read more

The 13 Best Day Trips From Tel Aviv

Day trips from Tel Aviv

There are many excellent day trips from Tel Aviv that you can easily do independently or on a guided tour. All it takes is deciding when and where you want to go. This city bustling with life is packed with interesting architecture – from the modern skyscrapers to the Bauhaus buildings for which it’s been … Read more

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv: A Complete Review

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv is an excellent place to stay when visiting the most fun city in Israel. Abraham Hostel is a friendly hostel, suitable for solo travelers, couples, groups of friends and families thanks to its big variety of accommodation and facilities. Located in the heart of town, it offers a wide variety of … Read more

Everything You Need To Know To Hike The Jesus Trail

Jesus Trail

Hiking the Jesus Trail in Israel is a fun thing to do – even if you are not religious at all. This is one of Israel’s most fun trails; a 4 to 7 days hike (depending on how long you walk each day) that will take you through the beautiful landscapes of Galilee, and during … Read more