The Best Tips For Mexico

tips for Mexico

Is it your first time traveling to Mexico? Don’t worry! My travel tips for Mexico are guaranteed to help you prepare for your holiday and you can rest assured everything will go smoothly. Mexico is a country that will capture with its beautiful landscapes and gorgeous beaches; lively cities; unique archeological sites; unique culture; delicious … Read more

The Best Road Trip To Mexico Itinerary

Mexico Itinerary

Mexico is a huge country, with lots to see. With so many beautiful cities and charming smaller villages, interesting archeological sites, beautiful beaches and unique natural sites, coming up with a good Mexico itinerary is easier said than done. If you don’t know where to start planning, worry not! I have been to Mexico three … Read more

The 27 Best Beaches In Mexico

places to visit in Mexico

If you have landed here looking for the best beaches in Mexico, you will be happy to know you are in the right place! If you know me, you should also know that I love hanging by the beach, and that is why I have put together a post on the best beaches in Sardinia. … Read more

12 Unmissable Things To Do In Yucatan

things to do in Mexico

With all the incredible things to do in Mexico, and the many things to do in Yucatan, I think I will never tire of it. I have been there 3 times already, and each time I visit I discover a little bit more. I am absolutely in love with its people, its culture, and the … Read more