All The Benefits Of Group Travel

reasons to travel alone

What are the benefits of group travel? Read this post to find out! Much has been said recently on the beauty and on the necessity of traveling alone to find yourself, to listen to the inner needs and to win your fears, to truly immerse yourself in the culture of the place visited, and to … Read more

20 Useful Tips For Learning A New Language

tips for learning a new language

What are your tips for learning a new language?  I regularly get asked this question, because picking up foreign languages is one of my very few talents. I always say it’s connected to our musical ear. You know how it works. Some can teach themselves to play the piano by ear; some are natural born … Read more

How To Travel Alone For The First Time

travel alone for the first time

Are you going to travel alone for the first time? You have come to the right place! Solo trips are always exhilarating experiences. I mean, you’re hitting the road all alone, with nobody but yourself for company! Sure, it’s daunting as hell, but it’s the good kind of daunting- the type you get as you … Read more

Latin America Border Crossing: What You Need To Know

Latin America border crossing

Latin America border crossing is easier said than done.  I have traveled across the region – both in Central and South America – multiple times, crossed many borders, and each time it’s been quite the ordeal – in fact, it never really goes the same way across the various borders.  If you are spending your gap … Read more

Everything You Should Know Before Backpacking Sri Lanka

backpacking Sri Lanka

Backpacking Sri Lanka is a lot of fun. This is a perfect country for those who enjoy this travel style, as it is usually budget friendly (with some exceptions) and – despite what one may think – it is quite easy to move around. I spent 3 full weeks traveling around the country and visited … Read more

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls

A trip to Guyana is not complete without a visit to Kaieteur Falls. This is, quite simply, one of the most incredible natural wonders of South America, if not the world, and one of its best kept secrets. Part of Kaieteur National Park, this is the world’s widest single drop waterfall; a fabulous combination of … Read more

20 Things To Know Before Camping In Botswana

Camping in Botswana

Going camping in Botswana with And Beyond is a once in a lifetime experience. My first safari ever was in Botswana. Though I had read a lot about safaris, and a few of my friends had been on one before me, I didn’t know what to expect before going. All I knew was that there … Read more