3 Hostel Nightmares To Remember

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

We’ve all spent at least one nightmare night in a hostel during our backpacking years, haven’t we? Well, I can count at least 3 hostel nightmares in my traveling experience. That’s at least 3 hostels that have been less than memorable in terms of getting proper rest, but which somehow managed to stick to my … Read more

A Quick Guide To Ethical Animal Tourism

ethical animal tourism

Ethical animal tourism should be the only way tourists interact with animals during their travels. If done right, wildlife tourism can have a great impact in conservation and protection of animals, bringing much needed funds that can be used to restore wildlife population, increase efforts against poaching, protecting the animals’ habitat, help in maintaining the … Read more

The Funniest People Met When Traveling

reasons to travel alone

There are all sorts of people met when traveling. I was born with the wanderlust gene, and I certainly prefer traveling alone – that’s how I visited places like Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Generally speaking, guided tours aren’t my cup of tea, but I must admit they can be a lot of fun at times … Read more

11 Things Not To Do In Sardinia

things not to do in Sardinia

There are some things not to do in Sardinia. It’s that simple. You really should avoid them. If there is one thing that we never get tired of in Sardinia, that is pointing out that our region is fantastic and truly a world apart. Italian by law, Sardinia is and feels different. Italians themselves feel … Read more

17 Things Italians Do Better Than Others

Italians get easily recognized when traveling.  Come on people! We are loud, we do speak with our hands, we are not ashamed of singing in public, we have a love for pizza and pasta that nobody can match. Whether we go on vacation in Cuba, venture to the culturally more similar Argentina and Uruguay, we … Read more

How To Fight While Traveling

Don't mess with me

Learning how to fight while traveling is an art, and I am about to teach you the secrets to do it properly. “Stop wasting my time! Open the bus and let me check,” I yelled to the bus driver. I was so exasperated that I eventually raised my voice. People around us stopped and held … Read more

How To Be A Backpacker: All The Things You Should Not Do

how to be a backpacker

Do you really need to learn how to be a backpacker? A lot of travel bloggers enjoy bragging. They are all about the number of countries they have visited (hint: often times, they have just gone through a country during a bus ride on their way to a different once, but since they got a … Read more