28 Great Books For Travelers

books for travelers

What are the best books for travelers? They are those that inspire you to visit a new place; those that push you to challenge yourself beyond your limits; those that make you dream and feed your wanderlust.  We’ve all read one of those books. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the story of … Read more

20 Useful Tips For Learning A New Language

tips for learning a new language

What are your tips for learning a new language?  I regularly get asked this question, because picking up foreign languages is one of my very few talents. I always say it’s connected to our musical ear. You know how it works. Some can teach themselves to play the piano by ear; some are natural born … Read more

19 Productive Things To Do At Home When You Can’t Travel

things to do at home

There are more things to do at home to keep busy and avoid boredom than you can imagine.  Writing from the comfort of my lockdown haven in Italy, I have been trying to remain optimistic and to continue, as much as possible, with my daily routine. A routine that has inevitably changed in many aspects … Read more