Do you know how to make a good cocktail?

How many ways are there to prepare a good mojito? According to bartenders in Italy, the ones who proudly show their bartending school diplomas and tell you that their father’s second wife is Cuban, there is a large scholarship on how to make a proper one, and there can be various ways to prepare it.

Well guess what? I have just come back from Cuba, I have had at least a mojito a day (call me an alcoholic, but what the heck, when am I going to have the chance to drink such good cocktails again?), and I can tell you that there is only ONE way to make a good one, which allows very little variation.

Here it is:


step one

In a tall glass, put some “lemòn” juice – that is lime juice. (no, do not put pieces of lime).


step two

Add a good spoonful of sugar – white, brown, whatever you have – and mix


step three


step four part 1

Get some good hierba buena (mint) and first rub it on the glass to diffuse the fragrance, then put it in.


step four part 2

Gently pound the mint


step five

Add sparkling water or, if you don’t have it, sprite


step six

Mix again with a spoon


step seven

Add rum – Cubans normally use Havana Club anejo blanco 3 anos


step eight

Add ice cubes – ready: enjoy!


step nine

For a special flavour, you can top it off with a few drops of Havana Club 7 anos.

Another way to make it I have seen was to add lime juice, sugar, mint and pound it, then add ice cube, sparkling water and rum.

How to know it is a real Cuban mojito: it has ice cubes! Ice is never crushed on mojitos in Cuba. It is made with lime juice and not crushed lime pieces. And the rum is Havana Club. As for the proportions: no nonsense, no scholarship. Cubans have a great eye for it, they know their mojitos.

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