When I crossed the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I decided to go straight to San Jose. Compared to the coast, the weather inland in Costa Rica was very pleasant and I managed to relax and live the Pura Vida life to the fullest. I know most people don’t like San Jose, but I totally enjoyed it. Read here to find out why.

My next stop was Tortuguero. This is one of the most touristic places in Costa Rica. However, it is surprisingly quiet – although I was not there during the turtle season! I enjoyed the lovely isolated village, the Jamaican community, the wildlife and its peacefulness. I then moved to Puerto Viejo, to experience the even more laidback side of Costa Rica and immerse myself in its rastafarian and surfers community. It was great! Puerto Viejo was my last stop in Costa Rica before making my way to Panama.

Costa Rica is more expensive than the rest of Central America, much to many backpackers disappointment. I actually found it about as expensive as Panama, with the major difference that Costa Rica is actually spotless clean and geared to environmental protection and recycling, very tourist friendly, very well organised and efficient; not to mention that the people are lovely even in big cities like San Jose. Besides, if you do look around you may even manage to get a private room, with private bathroom, for as little as 9 USD per night per person. That is a bargain!

My plan is to visit Costa Rica again, to explore more of it famous biodiversity.

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