Unfortunately, I could only spend 10 days in Ecuador and I was sick while I was there, so could not travel around too much. I think this is a country that deserves more than 10 days, as it has many attractions.

My first stop was Otavalo, where I eagerly shopped at its famous market and enjoyed seeing people dressed in traditional clothes, men wearing hats and trisas, and everybody proudly displayed his identity. I also went to the nearby city of Cotacachi, which is only a 30 minutes bus ride away.

My only other stop was Quito, the capital, whose hystorical centre I found really well preserved and where I visited the Plaza Grande, the Palacio del Gobierno, the Cathedral and the Monasterio de San Francisco and Museo Franciscano.

I then took a 10 hours bus ride to Guayaquil, where I stopped for one night en route to Peru. I was glad I was not spending more time in Guayaquil. It was terribly hot (and a shock, coming from the chilly and rainy Otavalo and Quito), and the entire city was infested with cockroaches – I am really afraid of them, as you can read on this post.

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