How To Get From Rome To Naples

Are you looking for information on how to get from Rome to Naples? Great, you are in the right place! I have done the trip my self several times, taking the train from Rome to Naples and even driving myself a few times.

Naples is one of Italy’s top tourist destination and if you are planning a longer trip to Italy you should totally included it in your itinerary. As it is quite close to Rome – the distance between Rome and Naples, in a straight line, is 187 kilometers (116 miles) – Naples makes for an excellent place to visit on a day trip from the Eternal City – though I should warn you, it deserves more than just a day.

The two destinations are well connected by public transport, making everything a breeze. In this post, I highlight the various available options to travel to Naples from Rome. I will share information on how long the trip is and how much it can cost, so that you can pick the most suitable one.

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train from Rome to Naples

How To Get From Rome To Naples

Taking the train from Rome to Naples

The train route between Rome and Naples makes the most of Italy’s fantastic rail network. The experience of hopping on the train from Rome to Naples, whizzing through the Italian countryside, and arriving in the city, is a fun – and quick – adventure.

The trains are reliable, and whisk you between the two cities without any hassle. There are three different options for travelers to choose between. First up it’s the high speed Frecciarossa service: it’s the quickest option, but also the most pricey. Then there’s the Intercity option: it’s a service that stops at a few in-between cities, but still fairly speedy. Finally, there’s the local Regionale Veloce (RV) trains: slow but cheap (ideal for those on a budget).

The train from Rome to Naples leaves typically from Roma Termini Station (there are trains from Roma Tiburtina too), arriving at Naples Centrale Station.

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From Rome to Naples

How long does the train from Rome to Naples take?

If you wish to travel from Rome to Naples by train, you should factor in at least one hour and 15 minutes for the overall journey (without counting getting to the station from your hotel). The duration of the trip really varies depending on the train. The fastest train is the high speed Frecciarossa train, which takes just one hour 12 minutes to travel between Rome and Naples. It travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph).

The Intercity train is slower, taking around two hours to reach Naples from Rome. Finally, the stopping RV service can take over three hours – great if you’ve got time to spare, or if you leave early, but not so good if you’re on a day trip.


How much does it cost?

Train travel between Rome and Naples is fairly affordable, even if you’re taking the high speed rail option. Tickets start at around €19 for the Frecciarossa service, but can climb depending on demand, or if you want to travel first class.

Intercity trains start at around €20, while a ticket for an RV train can be as cheap as €12. Note that these prices are for a one-way standard ticket.

It’s always a good idea to try to book in advance to score the best fare – particularly for the high speed trains. These can be purchased online on the Trenitalia website, or via apps such as Omio.

What’s the frequency?

The trains regularly leave Rome throughout the day, with a number of different times to choose from. There are departures literally every few minutes. As for times, the first regional train departs at 5:00 am, whereas the Trenitalia train (Frecciarossa) departs as early as 7:00 am, with their last service leaving at 10:35 pm (arriving in Naples at 11:48 pm).

You can check the schedule and prices of the train from Rome to Naples on the official website of Trenitalia or on the Omio app here.

from Rome to Naples

Bus from Rome to Naples

For a cheaper option, the bus is a good way to go. Yes, it takes longer than the train, but traveling by bus is consistently affordable and doesn’t require you to book way in advance for deals. It just is cheaper.

There’s a number of different companies (FlixBus, MarinoBus and Itabus, for example), each with slightly varying routes, stopping schedules and amenities on board. They also vary in terms of price.

Tickets can be reserved in advance online, or they can be purchased at the bus station on the day of travel (usually for a slightly higher price, but never massively different).

Buses to Naples depart from different locations in Rome. Some leave from the airports – either Ciampino or Fiumicino – while others depart Rome Tiburtina Station. Other buses leave from Anagnina (metro station) or Castro Pretorio (just outside Rome Termini Station), Via Teodorico and Via di San Pietro in Carcere.

They arrive in Naples either Garibaldi (near Naples Centrale Station), Naples Airport, or at Metropark Centrale.

How long does the bus take?

The journey time on a bus between Rome and Naples differs depending on which bus company you use, and on the time of day you pick to travel. The quickest buses take two and a half hours, while longer journeys can take around four hours. On average, however, the journey time is two hours 40 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Easily the cheapest option is Flixbus, which has departures as early as 3:15 am. It costs as little as €3 for a one-way ticket.

However, the price for a seat on a bus from Rome to Naples can be as expensive as €17. Depending on which bus you use, there will be different amenities available for you. Most services do come with free Wi-Fi and power outlets for your electrical devices.

Prices vary depending on demand, time of travel and the time of year. You can also book more expensive seats with tables, too. It’s best to shop around online to get the best price for you.

You can check the schedule and prices of the bus to Naples from Rome on the Omio app here.

You can book your bus seat from Fiumicino Airport to Naples here; and from Ciampino Airport to Naples here.

How often do buses leave?

There are 34 buses leaving Rome for Naples daily (on average). Generally, the earliest buses leave at around 3:00 am, with the latest departing Rome at 11:30 pm.


Driving from Rome to Naples

Another way to get to Naples from Rome is by driving yourself. If you don’t already have a car in Italy, there are a number of places to rent a car in the Italian capital; both throughout the city and at the airport you can find trusted international car rental companies.

Driving yourself means that you don’t have to rely on public transport schedules, and allows you the freedom to explore at your own pace. You could choose to make stops at interesting destinations on the way and make it more of a road trip.

However, if you’re not an experienced driver, or you’re short on time, it’s best to leave the car at home. You won’t really need a car in Naples and driving around the city can be a bit of a nightmare at the best of times (not recommended!).

From Rome to Naples

How long does it take to drive to Naples from Rome?

Driving to Naples from Rome takes around two and a half hours, with times of three hours not uncommon (due to traffic or getting lost). The journey covers 226 kilometers (140 miles) and runs along a well maintained highway.

If you want to avoid tolls, there is a coastal route you can opt for, however this adds an extra hour onto your journey time.

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, if there’s more than one of you on the trip, renting a car is pretty cost effective. Per day rates depend on the time of year, where you hire the car from and what type of car it is. On average, however, car hire starts at around €30 per day but can quickly rise to €70 and above.

You’ll also need to factor in additional costs, including fuel, tolls and parking. Tolls on this particular journey will cost approximately €16, while fuel can be an extra €20 on top of that. Finding a place to park in Naples is a whole other issue!

Check out the prices of car rental in Rome here.


Private transfer from Rome to Naples

If you want the experience of being in a private car, but don’t want to drive yourself, then a private transfer is the way to go. Like driving, it means that you won’t have to worry about public transport schedules or have to deal with buying tickets.

It’s a good option for those traveling in a group or as a family, as it may work out cheaper than buying single tickets for everyone in your party. All you need to do is be up on time at your accommodation, and that’s all there is to it.

How long does it take to get to Naples via private transfer?

A private transfer between Rome and Naples will take around two hours, give or take, depending on traffic and time of day you travel. You may also request to stop off and add other destinations to your itinerary, thus increasing the journey time.

How much does a private transfer cost?

It’s very pricey. One option for a private transfer from Rome to Naples (in the form of an SUV/van) with a professional driver, children’s seats and free Wi-Fi, starts at €440 for a group of 4 – though you may (or may not!) get a cheaper quote locally.

You can book your private transfer to Naples here or here.

There’s a more budget friendly option that costs the same amount but for a group of up to 8 passengers. You can book that here.


Guided tour (perfect for a day trip)

Thankfully, due to it not being super far from Rome, day trips to Naples are a possibility – and a popular option. Day trips offer a good bundle: the transport, whether that’s a train ticket or a private transfer via minibus, and then the benefit of having a guide to show you around the sights of the city.

Tours come in all shapes and sizes. You could be on a private tour or a group excursion; some tours will take you straight to Naples and back to Rome, others (most) include a stop at Pompeii as well.

You’ll be driven, often in a minibus, departing at 7:00 am from your hotel and then traveling towards Naples, most likely via Pompeii. This means the driving time will be somewhere around three hours.

Prices of guided day trip to Naples vary, but usually are in the range of €150 depending on the the size of the group, what’s included in the itinerary, and the time of year.

You can book your guided day trip to Naples from Rome, with stops in Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, here. If you prefer a private tour, click here.

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