I have been on the road for a month. It seems unbelievable how time is passing so fast. But, this is not the only thing. I have also fled my first work exchange place. I was supposed to volunteer as a receptionist at a hostel in Estelì, Nicaragua. It seemed a good deal – in exchange for my work, I was meant to receive a bed in a dorm, a meal per day, and the chance to take part (for free) in tours organised by the hostel, whose profits all go to environmental education programmes. That’s till I got there and found that the hostel was completely infested with cockroaches, and nobody seemed to care!

I spot a cockroach in the bathroom on my first night and did not bother much with it, as it really can happen anywhere. But then, the morning after as I went to the kitchen I realised that there were so many, coming from all over – cupboards, floor, drawers. There was even one in the fridge! None of the staff seemed bothered by it. They just told me to store my food in boxes (except that I found a cockroach in the box too!). So, I packed my bags and left. The hostel manager did not even bother to send me an email asking why. I guess he knows the reason? Or maybe he doesn’t mind the roaches?


My only memory of WWOOFing is the cockroaches

Back in Leon now, I took advantage of this to work on another adventure: volcano boarding down the Cerro Negro! So much fun, so much dust too.

What is interesting in Nicaragua is that it looks like I can ONLY get on chicken buses now, ie there is nothing else to travel around here. The best was when, on the bus to Estelì, a lady boarded carrying her chickens, which I could hear clucking during the ride. Also, it is possible to buy pretty much anything on those buses, and taking the bus regularly I have also started recognising some of those vendors. They sell medicines, plantain chips, sodas, water, sweets, candies, books and what not.

Very interesting country indeed.