“Not another social media!” I thought, when I heard of Pepo.

For someone who has to use social media on her every day life, for work purposes, I really was not looking forward to yet another platform. Other travel bloggers like myself had been using it for months, but I was reluctant.

Then curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to give it a try. And contrary to all my expectations, I really like it.

Before I explain what I love about Pepo, let me provide a bit of background information. The name, Pepo, comes from the words “people” and “passions.” There are thousands of users, and Pepo is currently focussing on growing the number of active and engaged users. This means that every day, many many people log in to Pepo to share their stories, their lives and to interact with others. Interaction is the key word here!

Now, back to my experience.

Pepo travel app

Strictly Travel on Pepo

Strictly Travel on Pepo

Once I downloaded the app (which is completely free!), I created a profile and later on my own channel, which I called “Strictly Travel.” I then started posting pictures of Sardinia, which is where I am based and where I am spending the summer, and within a very short time, people started stopping by my channel, viewed my posts and expressed appreciation and comments.

By the way, the appreciation emojis are really fun – they change automatically depending on what the post is, and they can also be manually set.

But that’s only one of the many great features of Pepo.


This is what my profile looks like on Pepo

Pepo Features

One of the features I like the most is the “live questions and answers” which allows me to show my followers that I am online for a specific amount of time (from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours) and they are free to ask me any question. It’s a nice way to get more intimate and spontaneously interact with the travelers community.

Pepo review

A follower asked me a question on Pepo

A fun feature is the “spotlight.” This consists of a short video that can stay live for up to 24 hours, much like Instagram stories or Snapchat (which I admit I have never used). I have used the spotlight feature to show the incredible beaches of Sardinia. Combining various videos is a nice way to give a fuller picture of the location.

Pepo app

The spotlight feature is one of my favorite on Pepo

What I really like about Pepo as opposed to other apps and even as opposed to a blog is that I am not limited to posting on my own profile and channel, but I am allowed to post on others too – pending approval, unless the channel is public. That means a lot more interaction, and a lot of useful tips for travelers. There’s channels completely dedicated to city views; to regions such as Europe, India or Nepal; many dedicated to food; and much more.

What differentiates Pepo from other social media and messaging apps is that it doesn’t focus on people I already know; but it connects me to people that have interests similar to mine, and if I want to, I can interact with them freely. On the other hand, though, I can also create private, secret chats with my followers.

Pepo channels

Pepo channels – there’s mine and some others I follow

Pepo for bloggers

As a blogger, I find Pepo to be a great way to connect and interact more spontaneously with people who follow my blog. I can share pictures, links, videos and what not, and love the fact that people engage with whatever I post and interact with me.

Overall, I find Pepo to be the perfect mixture between the most famous social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and a blog. And it is all in one app – I don’t have to constantly switch from one to the other!

Now it is time to head over to Strictly Travel on Pepo, and start following my adventures. And if you start your own channel, send me an invite!

This post is written in cooperation with Pepo. All the views expressed are my own.