Thailand is a wonderful place to visit at all times of the year, in every season and every occasion. It is a land of a remarkable culture, history, festivities and exotic natural landscapes. As Austin Bush, a writer, succinctly and magnificently puts:

“It’s easy to say that the thing I love most about Thailand is Thai food. But then I’m reminded of that feeling of freedom during a motorcycle trip upcountry. And of the sensory overload of a busy morning market – or a night out in Bangkok. And of encounters with history and culture, the new and the old, at just about every turn.”

I went to Thailand last February and March, not expecting much to be honest: I was just on my way to Vietnam and decided I may as well stop in Bangkok on my way there. I then visited Koh Chang before getting back to Bangkok in order to fly back to Europe, and after having spent some time in Cambodia. What I found is a beautiful, welcoming country that I am keen to visit again as soon as possible.

So, here are the top five places to visit in Thailand – which I am keen to visit for the first time or again.


Bangkok is a city of many wonders


Bangkok is the metropolitan capital of Thailand and is a city with exciting collision in every sense; whether it is a new food that you taste or a market that you plan to take a trip to. I found it to be a city full of contrasts.

Bangkok is very populated but even the slow moving traffic gave me a good opportunity to capture stills of the surrounding shops, passengers and buildings. The food offered on the streets as well as the restaurants is truly flavorful and savory. I enjoyed taking a street food tour of the city. The people of Bangkok are warm, friendly and always ready to welcome the tourists with open arms.

Finding where to stay in Bangkok is really easy. One thing I did’t know about is that there’s lot of time-shares in the city. A friend of mine has one, and recently told me: “I want to sell my timeshare.” I am actually considering buying it, it may be a good investment and perhaps my first step into becoming a home owner!

In Bangkok, I truly enjoyed visiting Wat Arun, Jim Thompson House, Wat Phra Kaew and Dusit Palace Park. Bangkok airport is the main hub of South East Asia, where most of Thailand flights land and where lots of budget airlines fly to and from. It is incredibly well connected.

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best beaches in Thailand

My idea of paradise: a deserted beach with clear waters. Koh Wai is one of the best islands in Thailand

Koh Chang:

Koh Chang and Koh Same are two islands that are tourism magnets, located along the eastern side of the Thai coast. They are home to multiple attractions and beautiful resorts. Koh Chang has a charisma of its own that attracts millions of tourists every year. Visitors spend their day diving, swimming, hiking through the green dense jungles and sunbathing on the west coast beaches.

The island ambience is mostly party-like and tourists love mingling in with the crowd and losing themselves in its extraordinary nightlife and excellent cuisines. Yet, I managed to get away from it all, staying in a far away beach where silence and nature were the main features, and every day I could enjoy a beautiful sunset (and a sunset drink) and a delicious dinner at the beach. I also took a day trip to Koh Wai, which felt like a lost paradise!

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I can’t wait to explore Central Thailand – photo courtesy of Christian Junker (flickr)

Central Thailand:

Central Thailand is famous for its historical and religious magnificence. I would love to visit there for a chance to explore the memorials and the mighty Death Railway that is their tribute to the WWII prisoners.

Central Thailand has beautiful waterfalls, falling from jagged mountain ranges, steep galore and deep caves surrounding the entire area. I would love to witness their treasured tigers, only a few of which now exist. This region is home to some of the oldest ethnic tribes who visit their sacred temples daily and walk through the monkey filled roads.

But whatever happens, I will always make sure that no animals are harmed in tourist attractions. Read more about my opinion on the use of animals in tourist attractions on my post “Don’t ride that elephant.”


Lively Chiang Mai – photo courtesy of Caitriana Nicholson (flickr)

Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai is the capital of the northern part of Thailand and is pretty far away from the hustle bustle of Bangkok. Rumor has it that once people enter this land, it feels like stepping through a portal. It has a rich history of captivation and kingdoms. A lot of tourists visit this part of Thailand every year and it has developed to be a traveler centre for a number of tourists of all ages. The province is a great exploration site for nature lovers as well as history enthusiasts like myself – hence my urge to go. Travelers raft through its clear waters and try out a number of adrenaline pumping activities.

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It’s easy to see why I would love to visit Koh Samui – photo courtesy of Arnie Papp (flickr)

Koh Samui:

The lower gulf of Thailand comprises of Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan. They are a bunch of spectacular isles with alluring beauty. Koh Samui is the oldest among the trio and has sophisticated resorts that are a mixture of contemporary and traditional brilliance. A number of tourist spots are present here like Nam Tok Phaeng, National Museum, Chiaw Lan Lake and likes.

Yet, I am keen to spend my days in one of the palm-fringed beaches, sipping a coconut and swimming in the clear waters and then immerse myself in the thick rainforest.

With all these places to visit, I truly look forward to go back to Thailand. The good news for me and for anybody who is keen on going is that flying to Thailand is relatively cheap.

Have you ever been to Thailand? What did you like the most about it?