TravelSmart is a great app for travelers. 

Travel as much as I do and you quickly realize you are more and more dependent on my smartphone. Being a travel blogger means that I have to post updates on my social media on the go, and that I must rely on my phone to keep on top of the many emails I receive every day.

Come to think of it, nowadays all travelers use their phones when traveling. Whatsapp is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends; Google Maps is indispensable to find the way to the hotel; airlines have their own app that allow to check in and avoid having to print the boarding pass.

Adding to the list of must-have apps for travelers, there’s now an updated version of TravelSmart, which has recently been launched by Allianz, and I am sure it will become on of your favorites. Pity that the updated version has just been released – my sister would have saved herself a lot of hassle if she could have used it during her trip to Africa in October, when she had to make several claims for her lost luggage.

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Why TravelSmart Is the Ultimate, Unmissable App For Travelers

What makes TravelSmart indispensable for frequent travelers? One sentence sums it up quite well: it’s easy. It’s easy to use, and it makes traveling and even dealing with emergency situations easy.

But, in more details, here’s why you will love it.

Real-time flight info

Through TravelSmart you can access real-time flight information. You just have to add you flight info using the “My Trips” feature, and then you only have to go to it to check the flight status and even the departure gate. Honestly, it’s very handy!

Easy access to your insurance policy

TravelSmart allows you to easily access my insurance policy. You can then confirm my insurance coverage and check your benefits. But there’s more: you can manage my policy, you can file a claim (how cool is that?) and easily add documents through the app. You can check the status of a claim, and even select how you want the claim to be paid. No more bouncing from site to email, from email to phone calls – it is all there, in one place.


One of the great things about TravelSmart is that it uses geolocation, which means the app always knows where you are. This allows it to offer a bunch of other features.

Easily available emergency numbers

The home screen of TravelSmart allows you to call any country’s emergency number via the Global Emergency Numbers feature. And the Assistance Around Me feature has a hospital locator that also includes doctor’s offices, pharmacies, police stations and (for United States nationals) even the contacts of U.S. Embassy offices. It even offers full directions to the required facility via the integrated Apple Maps.

Contact us buttons

There’s also a Contact Us button on the home screen that puts travelers in touch with Allianz Global Assistance medical assistance or customer service from any country in the world.

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List of recommended health care facilities

As if this was not enough, the app doesn’t just list health care facilities recommended by Allianz Global Assistance, but also non-recommended ones. It’s super useful if you end up in smaller, isolated places – as it happened to me when I injured myself in Jordan, for example. That time I relied on the tip of a friend who warned me that the small village where I was staying had a clinic, or else I would have had to drive for a few hours to Amman.

Available in many languages

Last (but definitely not least) my favorite feature: TravelSmart translates a bunch of first aid terms from English to 18 foreign languages – it is super useful in those countries where you don’t speak the local language. TravelSmart also has the universal name for more than 750 common medications, which is very useful when going to the pharmacy when we are traveling.

TravelSmart is totally free of charge and it is available in the App Store.

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