Finding where to stay in Mykonos is easier than you can imagine. This beautiful island is a fantastic holiday destination, packed as it is with gorgeous beaches with the clearest waters; nice narrow cobbled alleys; shops, cafés and restaurants galore and the fantastic nightlife. Add to this the incredible array of accommodation options and it’s easy to see why people love it.

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The bad news about Mykonos is that it’s possibly the most popular island among the Cyclades and one of the most popular islands in Greece, which means that you have to plan your holiday really carefully and well in advance in order to find the perfect place to stay. Try to book anything last minute, and you’ll find that not only the best luxury hotels in Mykonos will cost you an arm and a leg, but even the supposedly budget friendly accommodation options are more expensive than you’d hope to pay.

TIP: Booking in advance is an essential thing to do when traveling to Mykonos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

But worry not! I am here to help you decide where you should be staying in Mykonos. This post highlights all the best hotels in Mykonos, the best areas to stay and selects something suitable for all budgets.

where to stay in Mykonos

If you are looking for a place that is bustling with life, Chora is your place

3 Things To Consider When Deciding Where To Stay In Mykonos

What’s your scene?

The main thing you need to consider when looking for a place to stay in Mykonos is what scene you are looking for. Do you want a city or a town that buzzes with life, or are you desperate for a more peaceful place?

Keep in mind that the towns and villages have anything you may possibly want in terms of restaurants, cafés and bars, shops and city charm. But they are significantly busier and you will need to drive or use public transportation to get to the beach.

On the other hand, beach areas have easy access to the main ingredient you need for a beach vacation: an amazing beach. They also have some nice restaurants and bars. However, you will be away from the cultural life of the cities and villages and won’t be able to mingle with the locals unless you drive to town.

What are you looking forward to do while on vacation?

Deciding where to stay is also a matter of considering you are looking forward to do while on vacation.

Are you desperate for sleep? Does noise bother you, or do you feel energized by the buzz of a city?

Do you want to try a different restaurant every night, or would you rather have a quiet night in and head out for a meal just once or twice?

Do you want to go to every single and every party on the island, or are you not interested in partying and would rather read a book to fall asleep?

Do you want to chill by the pool all day? Then in this case you may have to opt for something a bit more expensive. But if you want to explore from the crack of dawn until the late hours, you will just need a plain room to crash that is conveniently located – and in this case you’ll probably find more budget friendly options.

What’s your budget?

Mykonos doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is considered one of the ten best Mediterranean islands that can  be enjoyed on a budget.

Your budget definitely has an important role to play when picking your hotel in Mykonos. Needless to say, places with a pool which are close to the beach and views of the sea tend to be more expensive. The majority of budget friendly options tend to be in town, where you can find small guest houses and bed and breakfast with simple yet clean rooms.

TIP: Just for the sake of stressing this one more time, remember that if you want to find a good place to stay in Mykonos that won’t completely blow your budget you have to book months in advance!

Place to stay in Mykonos

Mykonos is packed with excellent hotels

My Views On The Best Area To Stay In Mykonos

Keep in mind this is just my personal preference – but if you ask me for a personal recommendation on the best places to stay in Mykonos, I have little doubt. I’d opt for Mykonos City any time over, because I love staying in a place where life is thriving; where there are plenty of hotels and guest houses to choose from; restaurants, bars and cafés and the famous Greek tavernas on the waterfront. This is where most shops are located, with nice little boutiques, art galleries and even souvenir shops.

Keep in mind that public transportation in Mykonos works very well during the day, and it’s extremely easy to reach the beaches and then at the end of the day get back to town to shower and get prepared for a night out.

Where To Stay In Mykonos – The Best Overall Options

Before getting into the details of the best areas to stay in Mykonos, let me cut the chase and tell you which are the best options in terms of hotels, villas and budget accommodation.

Best hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort

This beautiful property is located in Agios Ioannis and overlooks Delos Island. It features a spa, a fitness center, a restaurant and a fabulous swimming pool. Rooms are very big – some have sea views, some include a sharing pool and some even have a jacuzzi. It’s the perfect place if you want to splurge. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Paradise View Hotel

Located on Paradise Beach and literally a minute away from the beach, this is possibly the best hotel in Mykonos in terms of value for money. Featuring an outdoor pool and a bar, the price includes an excellent breakfast. The spacious rooms have a balcony – some enjoy fabulous sea views. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Mykonos Bay Resort And Villas

This wonderful hotel is set in Megali Ammos beach, and very close to Mykonos City- as such offering the best of both worlds. It offers private beach facilities, and it has a pool and a restaurant. Rooms are plush. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Best luxury villas in Mykonos

Mykonos Ark Villas

This complex of villas is located in Ftelia. Each villa is so large that it can host up to 8 guests. All villas face the sea and have a private pool. They are perfectly equipped to make your stay comfortable. They are expensive, but if you share the costs with a group of friends it may end up to be a real steal. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Sofia’s Bungalows Mykonos 

This bed and breakfast and villas complex is located in Mykonos City and has fantastic sea views – thus offering the best of everything Mykonos has to offer. Villas are furnished in a beautiful marine style and have a beautiful terrace and patio to hang out. There is a common pool. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Blue Ocean Mykonos

This gorgeous villa located in Ornos has the most breathtaking sea views. It can accommodate up to 8 persons. There is no pool, but with the sea close by you won’t feel the need for it. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Best budget accommodation in Mykonos

Makis Place

You don’t have to splurge to enjoy a comfortable room with a view in Mykonos – as long as you book in advance. Makis Place is located in Tourlos and thought to be one of the best budget friendly options on the island, with spacious clean rooms with a view – some even have a balcony. Breakfast is included in the price – what else could you ask for? A pool? Yes – there’s a pool as well. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.


This nice hotel located on Paradise Beach offers spacious, modern and clean rooms and it is minutes away from the beach. There is a pool and an on site bar. They even have small apartments which are fully equipped for self catering. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Hotel Nazos

Located in the heart of Mykonos City and built in the traditional local style, Hotel Nazos has plain but comfortable and clean rooms. Some have sea views. It’s perfect if you want to stay in town where all the action is. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Mykonos City

Mykonos City is a good option if you want to experience nightlife

Where To Stay In Mykonos – The Best Areas And Places To Stay

Here’s a quick answer to your question about the best area to stay in Mykonos.

Mykonos City is the best place to stay in Mykonos for nightlife.

Platys Gialos and Ornos are the best places to stay in Mykonos for families and budget travelers.

Agios Ioannis, Psarou and Mykonos City are perfect for couples looking for romance.

Let me now get into some more details about the best areas to stay in Mykonos.

Mykonos City: Where to stay in Mykonos for nightlife

Locals refer to Mykonos City as “Chora.” This is the biggest town on the island, and it’s quintessentially Greek. Picture bright white buildings with blue doors, windows and banisters; balconies adorned with colorful flowers; narrow cobbled alleys where you’ll find a plethora of shops, cafés and excellent restaurants.

In Chora, make sure to hit Little Venice, which is known as the waterfront, and a great place to admire sunset – just as the famous windmills of Mykonos located in Kato Mili. You will also find a couple of interesting museums and an open air cinema.

What’s more, moving around the island from Mykonos City is very easy, as there are plenty of public buses going to the beaches and to other small towns on the island.

Mykonos City is by far the best place to stay in Mykonos if you are a night owl and plan to hit the best bars and restaurants on the island.

TIP: Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are two other locations that excel in terms of nightlife, with beach parties and lots of clubs. The reason I don’t recommend staying there is that this is pretty much all they have to offer, and they are far away from anything else. Besides, if you really want to hit a party at Paradise Beach, you can easily get there by bus or car.

Best places to stay in Mykonos City

Platys Gialos: Where to stay in Mykonos for the best of both

Platys Gialos offers the best of both worlds. It’s home to one of the best beaches in Mykonos, perfect for water sports lover who can practice kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding and kayak; but where families with children will be able to enjoy its fine golden sand and clear waters:

There are plenty of good restaurants with incredible sea views and offering food that ranges from typical Greek dishes to fusion cuisine. You will be able to find a few good bars for evening drinks. And last but not least there are some excellent hotels that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

If this is not enough, you should be pleased to know that Platys Gialos is at just 4.5 km from Mykonos City, where you can easily escape to thanks to excellent web of public buses and water taxis.

Best places to stay in Platys Gialos

Mykonos hotels

There are plenty of good hotels for any budget

Ornos: Where to stay in Mykonos for families

Ornos may well be a dream. At a mere 3.4 km from Mykonos City, this small fishing village is an absolute must see when in Mykonos. It has a lovely harbor and provides easy access to some of the best beaches on the island, where families with small children will be able to count on white sand, shallow clear and typically calm waters.

The beach can get crowded in peak months, but within easy distance you’ll find Korfos, a beach that is significantly less crowded – though mind you, it’s also more exposed to the wind. Apaggio, one of the best restaurants in Mykonos, is also at easy walking distance.

In Ornos, you will find plenty of shops, a nice flea market and lots of small tavernas (local eateries) and cafés, as well as hotels for any budget.

Best places to stay in Ornos

Agios Ioannis: Where to stay in Mykonos for couples

Mykonos is packed with places that are perfect for a romantic getaway, but Agios Ioannis is unbeatable for its sunsets. Besides, it’s home to one of the best beaches on the island.

Compared to other places in Mykonos, Agios Ioannis is quiet – so it’s a good place to stay if you are looking forward to relax away from the noise and chaos. There aren’t as many restaurants as in Chora, but you will find some good tavernas, as well as Hippie Fish – known as the best fish and seafood restaurant in Mykonos.

Agios Ioannis is well connected to Mykonos City by public transportation, and within 10 minutes you can reach Kapari Beach, a lovely small cove that never gets too crowded.

Best places to stay in Agios Ioannis

best beaches in Mykonos

Elia beach is one of the best on the island

Psarou: Where to stay in Mykonos for access to a gorgeous beach

There is little doubt that Psarou is one of the best beaches in Mykonos – just picture white sand and clear waters. Perfect for families as well as couples who can both count on a few restaurants and on good public transportation to Mykonos City. There also are some very good hotels.

Best places to stay in Psarou

Other areas to stay in Mykonos


Elia is the luxury hotspot of Mykonos and the best place to stay if budget is not an issue. It’s located on the southern coast and a bit isolated, but there are a few excellent boutique hotels. It’s perfect for anybody looking to stay away from the crowds.

Mykonian Villa Collection has wonderful rooms – some with sea views, others with a hot tub or a private pool. There even is a small villa. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos is the perfect place to stay in Mykonos if you are looking to stay in a very quiet area, yet close to Chora and all that it has to offer. It’s at a mere 500 meters from Mykonos City, and close to the mills. As it’s a bit less popular, it’s your best bet to find a place to stay if you are booking last minute.

Mykonos Bay Resort And Villas is the best place to stay in Megali Ammos. There are a pool, a restaurant, and easy access to the beach. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Agios Stefanos

Perhaps this isn’t the best beach on the island, but it’s protected from the wind so it is safe to swim. It’s at easy distance from the harbor and from the center of Mykonos City, so you can move between the two with no major difficulty. There are a few restaurants, the sunset views are gorgeous and you can even easily reach Delos.

Mykonos Princess Hotel is the best place to stay in Agios Stefanos. Right by the beach, it also has a swimming pool and a spa and fitness center. The best rooms are those with a sea view. Some even have a hot tub. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Final Tips 

As I have mentioned throughout this post, public transportation works well in Mykonos. If you’d rather move around independently, you may want to consider renting a car. You can get a quote for car rental here.

As for any other trip, make sure to get a good travel insurance for your trip to Mykonos. Read my post Why You Need A Good Travel Insurance.” Get your travel insurance here.

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Discover the best places to stay in Mykonos - via @clautavani

Find out where to stay in Mykonos - via @clautavani

Discover where to stay in Mykonos - via @clautavani