Finding good accommodation in Knysna is easy. The city has a great selection of good places to stay, scattered around town, for any taste, budget and need. You can be sure that you’ll find something for you, so that you can make the most of your time on this beautiful spot along the Garden Route – thought to be one of the best locations for a spring trip.

Picking The Right Accommodation In Knysna

I spent some time in Knysna as part of my trip to South Africa. It was by far my favorite stop on the Garden Route and to be honest, I wish I had spent even longer there, as the city is pretty and it has a lot to offer, especially to nature and adventure lovers like me.

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The good news is that Knysna is small and safe, so no matter where you are, you can safely walk around. The bad news is that there is basically no public transportation, so unless you have a car (which I actually recommend, to drive around the Garden Route), you want to pick places to stay in Knysna that are walking distance from restaurants, bars and shops.

The vast majority of accommodation in Knysna caters on the luxury end, but there are some good options for those looking after the pennies. You’ll have to compromise on the views, but you’ll still have a good place to stay at the end of the day.

Another option for accommodation in Knysna is self catering apartments, holiday homes and even villas. They seem expensive at first sight, but especially villas can be shared even by large groups of people and end up being less costly than you’d imagine.

accommodation in Knysna

Where is the best accommodation in Knysna?

Finding Accommodation In Knysna – The Best Options

Overall Best Place To Stay

Turbine Hotel

If I have to recommend where to stay in Knysna, I’d without doubt point to the Turbine Hotel. It is a fabulous 5 star boutique hotel with a spa, located in the lovely Thesen Islands, in Knysna Lagoon. The hotel used to be a power station, which has turned into a gorgeous hotel where all the old parts of the power station are an integral part of the architecture and decorations.

The Turbine Hotel is wonderfully located: Thesen Islands are very safe, quiet and nice to walk around, there are bars, restaurants and things to do – you can access Knysna Lagoon from there. Despite being so sophisticated, the vibe you get there is incredibly friendly and easygoing. It even has its own café, for a fabulous dining experience. Check out the latest rates of Turbine Hotel here, and click here for reviews.

I have also had the chance to check out more accommodation in Knysna – more about the other places later.

Best Budget Friendly Option

Jembjo’s Knysna Lodge and Backpackers

Jembjo’s Knysna Lodge and Backpackers is the best accommodation option in Knysna for travelers on a budget, who can count on comfortable, spacious and clean dorms as well as private rooms. It’s located in the center of Knysna, so you are close to all the action and have easy access to restaurants and bars. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Continue reading for my tips on accommodation in Knysna.

accommodation in Knysna

Some of the best accommodation in Knysna is in the Heights

The Most Beautiful Accommodation In Knysa By Location

The best accommodation in Knysna – Knysna Heights

Perfect for: The views

To be fair, you’ll get incredible views of Knysna pretty much wherever you pick to stay. But the stunning views are the main feature of Knysna Heights and what should draw you there. All the boutique hotels located on this side of town have rooms with views. The only downside is that it’s not the most convenient place to reach, so you’ll need a car any time you want to get out.

TIP: Make sure you book a car rental if you decide to stay in this part of town. The road signs are quite good, but having a GPS navigator helps.

This is a selection of places to stay in Knysna Heights:

The best accommodation in Knysna – Knysna Central

Perfect for: The action

If you like the idea of staying centrally located, with easy access to all the delicious restaurants, bars and beautiful shops, make sure to get your accommodation in Knysna Central. You may not get the pretty views of other parts of town, but at least you’ll be able to drop the keys of your car and walk just about anywhere – which means you can have that extra glass of wine with dinner.

This is a selection of places to stay in Knysna Central:

accommodation in Knysna

Some of the nicest places to stay in Knysna are on Thesen Islands

The best accommodation in Knysna – Thesen Islands

Perfect for: Waterfront views

Thesen Islands probably is the nicest area of Knysna, with little over 550 beautiful buildings set around peaceful canals (though you have to watch the tide). It’s a fairly enclosed area where it is safe to walk around at any time of day and nights. There are some upscale shops, some lovely restaurants and some very good bars and pubs where you can stop for a sunset drink. It’s also where some of the nicest accommodation in Knysna is located.

This is a selection of places to stay in Thesen Islands:

The best accommodation in Knysna – Leisure Island

Perfect for: Peace

Leisure Island is one of the nicest places to stay in Knysna. The area is incredibly scenic, locates as it is right on Knysna estuary. It’s surrounded by water and from there you can have perfect views of the Heads, the Lagoon and even of Thesen Islands. It’s linked to the mainland by a causeway. It’s an extremely quiet place, perfect if you are looking to completely disconnect from the chaos of the big cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg.

There aren’t many services here in terms of restaurants and bars, so you will definitely need a car to get to a place to eat, unless you want a self catering place.

This is a selection of places to stay in Leisure Island:

accommodation in Knysna

The Heads are one of the best areas to stay in Knysna

The best accommodation in Knysna – The Heads

Perfect for: Breathtaking coastal views

Knysna Heads are quite easily the most famous attraction in Knysna. Visible from any part of town, these two massive cliffs facing the Indian Ocean and separating Knysna Lagoon from it are quite a mightly sight.

The good news is that there is some excellent accommodation in Knysna in the Heads. The bed news is that unless you stay at the bottom of the hill, where there are some bars and restaurants, or you are a hiker, you’ll need a car to get anywhere else. I still think it is worth it!

This is a selection of places to stay in the Heads:

accommodation in Knysna

Brenton on Sea is where to stay in Knysna for easy access to the beach

The best accommodation in Knysna – Brenton on Sea

Perfect for: A different side of town

15 Km west of Knysna, Brenton on Sea is a lovely seaside resort from where you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Garden Route. It’s a small place, but a pleasant one to spend a couple of days and here you’ll find some of the best accommodation in Knysna.

This is a selection of places to stay in Brenton on Sea:

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Have you found your accommodation in Knysna among the places mentioned in this  post?

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