Where To Stay In Ometepe, Nicaragua

travel to Nicaragua where to stay in Ometepe Nicaragua

Looking for where to stay in Ometepe, Nicaragua? You are in the right place! Ometepe is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Nicaragua, and easily my favorite. This volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua has a lot to offer to adventure travelers, and there are plenty of accommodation options in … Read more

22 Things To Know Before Visiting Panama

San Blas Islands Panama visiting Panama

Long viewed as an off-the-beaten-track destination, Panama is quickly becoming a sought-after place to visit. Here you’ll find a contrasting nation with modern industry and a cosmopolitan capital, as well as lush rainforests, tropical islands and indigenous communities. It is a country of dramatic contrasts and it won’t take you long to realize this when … Read more

Where To Stay In Panama City

where to stay in Panama City Panama

Are you looking for where to stay in Panama City? You are in the right place! I spent weeks in the city during my Central America travels, and stayed at different locations, so I am here to help you find the best places to stay in Panama City. The Panamanian capital sits at the confluence … Read more

13 Best Things To Do In Panama City, Panama

best places to stay in Panama City

There are many interesting things to do in Panama City. The Panamanian capital is a great place to visit – despite all my misconceptions, it ended up being my favorite destination in the country, and I enjoyed way better than more remote destinations such as Bocas del Toro. Panama City has long been situated at … Read more

A Guide To Visiting The Panama Canal: 11 Best Things To Know

visiting the Panama Canal

Visiting the Panama Canal is, quite simply, a must when in Panama. Indeed, apart from its eponymous hats, the most famous thing people know about Panama is its canal. This enormous feat of human engineering allows ships to pass from one ocean to another at a rate of 14,500 per year. Stretching all the way … Read more

32 Best Things To In Do Cuba

things to do in Cuba

With so many things to do in Cuba, you really will have troubles picking what to do and where to go. In fact, you should consider spending two weeks there as a minimum to take in just a fraction of what it has to offer. To be fair, Cuba is the kind of place that … Read more

21 Best Things To Do In Leon Nicaragua

Leon Nicaragua

There are many more things to do in Leon, Nicaragua than you would imagine. Many people say they prefer picture-perfect Granada. But Leon has just that something that will make you fall in love.  Leon is a very progressive city. It has always had a strong Sandinista component. When President Somoza Garcia was killed there … Read more

10 Best Things To Do In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

things to do in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

There are many fun things to do in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Officially called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, this small town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is a pleasant place to spend a few days relaxing, taking in the chilled vibes, exploring the beaches and the nature reserves, learning about local wildlife, and … Read more