20 Best Things To Do In Durban

things to do in Durban

There are more things to do in Durban than you’d imagine. The capital of the KwaZulu-Natal province is the third largest city in the country and one of the most thriving and popular tourist destinations in South Africa. It is an incredibly multicultural place, with a mixed population of Zulus (which obviously are the majority … Read more

What To Wear In South Africa: The Best Packing List

Renting a car in South Africa what to wear in South Africa

Are you trying to decide what to wear in South Africa, and can’t make up your mind? Worry not, I have been a bunch of times and in this post I will help you put together the perfect South Africa packing list. People in South Africa are generally quite relaxed in the way they dress … Read more

16 Best National Parks In South Africa

national parks in south africa

There are many national parks in South Africa, each offering a different kind of experience, a different scenery, and different wildlife. As I have been to South Africa many times (it’s one of my favorite countries to visit!), I have been (almost) all over the place, so I thought I’d give you a selection of … Read more

27 Fabulous Places To Visit In South Africa

places to visit in South Africa

There are so many incredible places to visit in South Africa, that you may with to spend a lifetime exploring it.    It’s no secret that South Africa is one of my favorite countries. Often called “the world in one country,” it has so much to offer, and there are many beautiful places to visit … Read more

13 Great Day Trips From Cape Town

day trips from Cape Town

You can go on many excellent day trips from Cape Town. Easily one of my favorite cities in the world, Cape Town is – to put it simply – breathtakingly beautiful. This is a place where many cultures meet. It is jam-packed with colors, interesting things to do, great restaurants and a thriving nightlife. But … Read more

Is Cape Town Safe For Tourists?

Cape Town Beaches is Cape Town safe

Is Cape Town safe? This is a question many travelers ask, and since I have been there a bunch of times, I am ready to answer that for you. With its beautiful beaches, mountainous scenery, and breezy food scene, Cape Town is a haven for hordes of tourists every year, each looking to have a … Read more

19 Best Cape Town Beaches

Cape Town Beaches is Cape Town safe

There are many gorgeous beaches in Cape Town. With a wide choice between long sand beaches and smaller coves, Cape Town beaches are places where you can spend an entire day – or just a few hours – relaxing, playing sports (surfing is a big thing here), or simply admire the stunning landscape and wildlife. … Read more

17 Cool Things To Do In Stellenbosch

things to do in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is famous for its many fantastic wineries, but there actually are many more things to do in Stellenbosch other than wine tasting. Most travelers visit Stellenbosch on day trips from Cape Town; a few others devote to it two days at most. I spent a full week there and I can guarantee you will hardly … Read more