To My Adventures Across The World

Nice to meet you! My name is Claudia, and I was born and raised in Cagliari, Sardinia – the place I still call home.

I launched this site in September 2014 to document my travels and since April 2015 it has been my mission to inspire other travelers to follow their dream. Here they can seek advice for their trips, find information and useful hacks, and get plenty of inspiration on places to visit. Since then, I have opened two more sites – Strictly Sardinia, where I promote Sardinia, and Strictly Rome, entirely dedicated to the Italian capital and its surroundings.

In the last few years, My Adventures Across The World saw a constant growth in terms of traffic, engagement and subscriptions. I receive regular emails from readers who say they have decided to visit a country after reading about it on my blog, or who thank me for the information and inspiration I provide:

“I so admire your courage to do what you love. I also love traveling alone as well and love the thrill of pushing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. I just wanted to thank you for starting this blog! I came across it because I’m going to Nicaragua in a month and then to Chiapas, Mexico in December. Thank you! Carly”

My mission is to show you that you can travel more, and travel better! Read more about me here.

What’s Special About Me?

I am the most passionate traveler!

Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I used to work as a human rights lawyer – I have a PhD in Law from the University of Essex and worked in academia both in the UK and in Italy, as well as with International Organizations and with NGOs. My previous work experience helped me perfect my research skills.
  • I have a certificate in travel design, and I am competent in the creation of tailor made itineraries.
  • I love exploring and taking photos. I always carry my camera with me!


Hiking, Nature and Adventure

City Breaks and Culture Travel

Solo Travel


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UK 10%
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Italy 5%


My social media following shows a steady increase, with good engagement rates. Followers appreciate my style and enjoy my storytelling.

Facebook: 9,900 +
Twitter: 106,000 +
Instagram: 43,600 +

You can view and download my media kit here (updated May 2023).


My Adventures Across The World has already partnered with several brands, reinforcing their image or spreading the voice on destinations and travel related services relevant and beneficial to my audience. Below are a few brands I have worked with.


  • I have a steady online presence. Readers trust my recommendations!
  • I am an expert traveler.
  • I am a professional blogger. I understand the importance of SEO and always optimize my posts so they are discovered in organic searches. This means great, natural exposure to your brand.
  • I love helping businesses and brands improve their online presence.


  • Press trips and tailored or specialist independent trips
  • Content creation for other websites
  • E-book creation for specific destinations
  • Products and services testing and review
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Airline and accommodation review
  • Sardinia holidays planning

My reviews always will include full disclaimers for transparency to comply with legal, ethical and professional standards; and they remain honest in the interest of the readers.

My Adventures Across The World is available for press trips and tailored trips to highlight destinations and services to a dynamic audience.

Please be advised that I DON’T need SEO, social media or design consultancy and that I don’t accept posts and links.


My blogs are my full-time job, and the advertising and affiliate links you see on my sites are part of my brand. My aim is to deliver quality rather than quantity, and I never advertise products for the sake of money. I am not interested in free trips either. My site is not a place for press releases. Considering how much work I put into it, don’t be surprised if I don’t accept to work for free, for exposure or for barter agreements. If you want to work with me, I will offer you my reasonable, competitive rates.


If you come see a recommendation on this site, you should know it is based on my personal experience and on careful research. I won’t sugar-coat anything – I have a duty to my readers: they trust my opinion and I want to keep it this way! They will always come first.

Ready to work together? Send me an email at claudia@myadventuresacrosstheworld.com