The Best Things To Do In To Luderitz, Namibia


Luderitz, Namibia. If there is a place you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Southern Africa, this is it. Between the Namib Desert and the South Atlantic coast (by far the most inhospitable one of this part of the world), this town leaves many a visitor puzzled. Because frankly, it is plain weird – though … Read more

A Great Guide To Swakopmund, Namibia

Swakopmund Namibia

Swakopmund is an incredible destination and if you happen to visit Namibia you should make it a point to go. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Namib Desert, this is a place where you will get to experience all the best that Namibia has to offer – unique landscape; wildlife; excellent food and … Read more

13 Ways To Positively Impact The Himba People And Culture In Namibia

Himba people

Protecting the Himba people of Namibia is a must. We ought to work out ways to preserve the Himba culture and helping it thrive again. Traveling abroad to meet different cultures is definitely one of the main aspects of international tourism. However, before including the visit to isolated tribes such as the Himba people to … Read more

27 Things To Know Before Camping In Namibia

Camping in Namibia

Those who are planning a trip to southern Africa but don’t have a budget to splurge should definitely consider camping in Namibia. It’s a fun way to travel around this gorgeous country and visit all the most interesting places, and at the same time get close to the amazing nature. I would actually say it … Read more

35 Simply Unmissable Things To Do In Namibia

things to do in Namibia

There are many more things to do in Namibia than one would expect. This southern Africa country is incredibly vast, yet it marks as the second less densely populated country in the world, dominated as it is by the desert. Needless to say, the landscape is beautiful and one of the best ways to visit … Read more