The Perfect Itinerary To See Rome In 2 Days

Rome in 2 days

You can only scratch the surface of Rome in 2 days – but if that is all you have, you may as well make the most of it. The Eternal City – Città Eterna, as we lovingly call it in Italy – has so much to see and do that a lifetime won’t be enough to … Read more

A Guide To Rione Monti, Rome: 9 Best Places To Visit

Rione Monti Rome

Rione Monti is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome. You will find this charming neighborhood of the Eternal City sandwiched between Rome Termini station and the Colosseum – which means you really have no excuse not to visit. Scattered around Rione Monti you will find a wealth of interesting sites and beautiful churches. The … Read more

A Guide To The Esquilino, Rome’s Esquiline Hill

Esquilino Esquiline Hill Santa Maria Maggiore church

The Esquiline Hill – simply called Esquilino by locals – is the largest of the seven hills of Rome, covering an area that includes the main transportation hub in the city (Termini Station) and goes all the way to the Colosseum, and where you will find beautiful churches (some definitely more famous than others), markets … Read more

A Local’s Take On The Best Food In Rome

food in Rome

Good food in Rome is everywhere, and you are bound to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.  Food is a huge part of Italian culture and a good enough reason to visit Italy. Each region – in fact, each city and each village! – has its local specialties. Eating is easily one of … Read more

Rome’s Viminal Hill: 7 Best Places To Visit On The Viminale

Viminal Hill Rome Viminale

Known locally as Viminale, you’ll find the Viminal Hill – one of the Seven hills of Rome – situated between the Esquiline Hill, to the southeast, and the Quirinal Hill, which lies to the north. Although it’s commonly referred to as just one hill, the Viminale is actually made up of three separate peaks: the … Read more

Which Are The Seven Hills Of Rome?

basic italian phrases

Although the actual city of Rome may look quite flat to visitors, it is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. When the city was born, it was actually formed by a number of settlements that where scattered in what became known as the Seven Hills of Rome (i Sette Colli di Roma, in Italian), and … Read more

Which One Is The Best Viterbo Hotel?

Viterbo Italy best viterbo hotel

Viterbo, the capital of the gorgeous Tuscia, is one of the lesser visited and probably most underrated cities in Italy; the perfect place to escape if you wish to visit a part of the country that has yet to be discovered by mass tourism (it has none of the tourist crowds of Rome or Florence), … Read more

Where To See The Works Of Borromini In Rome

Palazzo Spada Rome palaces in Rome Borromini in Rome

Francesco Borromini was one of the many masterminds that contributed to shaping Rome as we know it today. Along with Michelangelo and Bernini, his most famous rival, Borromini’s story is strictly linked to that of the Italian capital. If you are visiting the Eternal City, you should not miss on the chance of admiring the … Read more