A Useful Guide To Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stanley Falkland Islands

Stanley has been the capital of the Falkland Islands since it was founded in 1843, but it was only made a city in 2022. Though it may not look like a city, it’s still home to most of the population of the archipelago, and as such, it has plenty of cultural sights to hit up. … Read more

6 Best Places To See Penguins In The Falklands

Penguins in the Falklands

The Falkland Islands aren’t synonymous with penguins, but they should be. You may consider penguins to make their home in icy, snowy climates, with icebergs floating around. But that’s not the case. This archipelago has been described as “one of the world’s great penguin capitals”. In fact, it’s believed that an estimated one million penguins … Read more

19 Interesting Facts About the Falkland Islands

facts about the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are a pretty special place, and truly one of a kind. One thing for sure, most people outside the Falklands actually know very little about them, and that would include myself before I visited. During a recent trip to this southernly part of the world, I had the opportunity to learn about … Read more

The Best Things To Do In The Falkland Islands

things to do in the falkland Islands

The Falkland Island are made of more than 750 islands – some larger such as the East and West Falkland, other simply tiny. At about 300 miles (480 kilometers) east of the Southern Patagonia coastline, this British Overseas Territory is an up and coming tourist destination, with a lot to offer to the increasing number … Read more

6 Great Reasons to Visit The Falkland Islands

reasons to visit the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands may not be top of many people’s bucket list travel destinations. In fact, this distant archipelago is probably something of an enigma in most people’s minds, with some hardly able to place them on a map and many only knowing them because of the Falklands War. Let me tell you though: there … Read more

What To Know Before Visiting The Falkland Islands

visiting the Falkland Islands

Are you looking for information to plan a trip to the Falkland Islands? Continue reading! I had been dreaming of visiting the Falkland Islands for years, so as soon as the opportunity arose I didn’t think about it twice. Since I was already going to travel to South America (I had planned a trip to … Read more