8 Best Things To Do In Guatape Colombia

things to do in Guatapé Colonìmbia

Guatapé is a picture-perfect little pueblo (town) located only a few hours east of Medellín, in the Antioquia district. The proximity to the bustling city of Medellín makes it a manageable day trip or a welcome weekend escape for any traveler or local in the area. While a multi-day trip to Guatapé gives you more … Read more

A Complete Guide To Where To Stay In Bogota

where to stay in Bogota

Deciding where to stay in Bogota can be challenging. But with my tips, you won’t have any issue finding a great place to stay. Once thought to be too dangerous to deserve a visit, Bogota, the capital of Colombia, has been working hard to shake off its bad reputation and in recent years it has … Read more

12 Best Things To Do In Medellín, Colombia

things to do in Medellin Colombia

Medellín is a thriving city of over 2.5 million people located in the North-Central region of Colombia. It is full of rich culture and history, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and with all it has to offer it is slowly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads and travelers alike – who each appreciate the many things … Read more

A Great 2 Weeks In Colombia Itinerary

Colombia itinerary

Colombia is quickly becoming one of the most popular Latin American countries among travelers from around the globe. With safety on the rise, a beautiful culture to get to know, and some pretty magnificent attractions to visit, it’s really no wonder people love Colombia so much. I have been to Colombia on several occasions now … Read more

A Guide To The Ciudad Perdida Trek: 18 Best Things To Know

Ciudad Perdida Trek

La Ciudad Perdida trek (The Lost City trek) is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in Colombia. This four-day trek is loaded with adventure and cultural history. The excursion to La Ciudad Perdida is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the thriving history of the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada. … Read more

7 Great Day Trips From Bogota

day trips from Bogota

Bogota is a fun enough city to explore, but it can honestly get to you – it’s incredibly crowded, traffic is insane, and it is sadly terribly polluted. The good news is that getting out of town is actually quite easy, and there are many great day trips from Bogota.  Although most places mentioned in … Read more

The Best Airbnb In Cartagena

Best Airbnb in Cartagena

Are you looking for the best Airbnb in Cartagena? I have you covered! Known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean, Cartagena was founded in the 16th century and it truly is a beautiful city – the kind of place you should definitely visit in Colombia. Bigger than you would imagine (more than a million … Read more