Where To Stay In Medellin

things to do in Medellin Colombia is Medellin safe where to stay in Medellin

If you are looking for where to stay in Medellin, you are in the right place: I have spent weeks there and explored the city in depth. If you are planning a trip to Medellin but are worried about safety, comfort, and central location, I totally get it. Choosing accommodation in a city you aren’t … Read more

A Useful Guide To Barichara, Colombia


Not many people that visit Colombia ever make it to Barichara. This really is a lesser known destination – at least compared to popular places such Cartagena, Medellin, and Tayrona National Park. Should you visit Barichara when in Colombia, then? If you have a few extra days during your trip, I would definitely recommend checking … Read more

An Excellent Guide To San Gil, Colombia

San Gil

Thought to be the adventure capital of Colombia, San Gil, in Santander Department, is a town of no more than 50000 people. It’s out of the classic tourist trail because organized tours don’t go there. However, if you like extreme sports and extreme fun, make it a point to visit, as it’s one of the … Read more

19 Best Beaches In Colombia

Colombia itinerary best beaches in Colombia

When you think of Colombia, do you think of long stretches of crystal clear beaches and beautiful blue water? Because you should! Colombia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. And these beaches are surrounded by low-cost villages, towns, and cities. The quality of the beaches, the large quantity to … Read more

19 Best Things To Know Before You Visit Colombia

Ciudad Perdida Trek visit Colombia

Are you getting ready for an upcoming trip to Colombia? Do you want to be as prepared as possible? You may have many questions if you’ve never traveled to Colombia. You could wonder about safety, weather, food, things to do, or how to pack. It might feel overwhelming when you’re just in the planning stage, … Read more

Is Cartagena Safe For Tourists?

Is Cartagena safe

Is Cartagena safe? While all major cities in Colombia don’t have the best reputations, Cartagena has also earned a very negative reputation for having high-crime rates, aggressive vendors, and abundant cartel activities. The negative reputation isn’t all dumb-founded; there is undoubtedly some truth to it. But Cartagena isn’t all bad. In fact, Cartagena is a … Read more

Is Bogota Safe?

Is Bogota Safe?

Is Bogota safe? Colombia, and practically all major Colombian cities, have earned a rough and wild reputation for violence, drug use, and kidnappings throughout the years. But the truth is, today’s Colombia isn’t the same Colombia of the 1990s. Violence and homicide rates have decreased over the last 20-30 years. The World Bank published data … Read more

Is Medellin Safe?

things to do in Medellin Colombia is Medellin safe where to stay in Medellin

Is Medellin safe? You’ve certainly heard some horror stories about Colombia and the Colombian cartel. In fact, anytime I talk about Colombia or Medellin to someone, they reference the Netflix show, Narcos. Medellin is the home of Pablo Escobar, the king of the drug cartel in the 1980s. He practically put Medellin on the map. … Read more