How To Visit The Maldives On A Budget

Maldives on a budget

Maldives on a budget. It seems like an oxymoron. Yet I can assure you it is just a matter of knowing what to look for and what to expect.  Beautiful yet surrounded by an aura of mystery; famous for the luxury resorts scattered around its many atolls (some of them pushing to become greener), the … Read more

The Best Maldives Accommodation Guide For All Budgets

Maldives accommodation

Picking your Maldives accommodation shouldn’t be a hassle. The Maldives is a small country, yet a popular holiday destination. In recent years, it has opened up to independent and budget travel and you can easily stay at one of the lovely Maldives guest houses. Yet, when we think of this country, we mostly just picture … Read more

15 Fantastic Things To Do In Maldives For All Kinds Of Travelers

what to do in Maldives

They are many things to do in Maldives, that are perfect for all kinds of travelers. Whether looking for a relaxing holiday or for a bit of adventure, the Maldives are an incredible place to visit. I bet you have been dreaming to go to the Maldives for years. You must be attracted by the … Read more