A Guide To Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli: 17 Best Things To Know

Hadrian's Villa Tivoli

Located in the the quaint Tivoli, a lovely small town close to Rome, Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana in Italian) is a truly impressive site. Once the representation of the opulence and wealth of Roman emperors, Hadrian’s Palace remains to date a must visit site for history buffs. You can visit on day trips from Rome … Read more

A Guide To Villa D’Este And Tivoli Gardens, Italy

Villa d'Este Tivoli

Located in the lovely Tivoli, a small town at a stone’s throw from Rome, Villa d’Este and Tivoli Gardens are an impressive example of Renaissance grandeur. The country estate of pope-wanna-be Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, son of Alfonso d’Este and Lucrezia Borgia (daughter of Pope Alexander VI), Villa d’Este and Tivoli Gardens are easy to visit … Read more

A Great Itinerary For A Fabulous Week In Rome

week in Rome

With one full week in Rome, you will really get to know the city well and can even push yourself beyond the city limit. A week in the city means having enough time to appreciate the top tourist attractions and to explore the lesser known ones. Mind you: even if you have 7 days in … Read more

How To Get From Ciampino Airport To Rome

Best restaurants in Rome

Is your flight landing in Ciampino? Don’t worry, getting from Ciampino Airport to Rome is very easy. In this post, I will tell you how. Among my many tips for visiting Rome, I typically recommend to familiarize yourself with the various available options to make your way from the airport to the city. Depending on … Read more

The Airports In Rome: Where To Fly To Get To Rome

places to visit in Bali

There are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino (FCO), which is also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport; and Ciampino (CIA). Both of them offer a wide range of connections to other cities in Italy, in Europe and – especially Fiumicino Airport – the rest of the world. Which of the airports in Rome should … Read more

Where To See The Lovely Cats Of Rome

cats of Rome

The cats of Rome are so famous that a whole series of merchandise – calendars, fridge magnets and all sorts of other souvenirs – is dedicated to them. But what’s the relationship between these lovely, small and at times mischievous felines and the Eternal City, and why should you bother about them at all? You … Read more

Where To Stay In Rome – Best Areas And Places

Rome in a day

Is it your first time visiting Rome and are you looking for a good place to stay in town? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on where to stay in Rome, the best areas, and accommodation options for any budget – from the best hotels in Rome, to good hostels … Read more