11 Best Amsterdam Hidden Gems

cats in Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam but are tired of the tourist crowds? Do you simply want to see Amsterdam off the beaten track? You are in the right place! I have recently been to Amsterdam with a friend and while we mostly visited mainstream attractions, we also checked out a bunch of Amsterdam hidden gems. I … Read more

Where To See Cats in Amsterdam: Amsterdam For Cat Lovers

Cats in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that loves cats. Wherever you go in the Dutch city, strolling along the canal, hanging out in coffee shops or out the front of canal houses, cats in Amsterdam always seem to make an appearance. You will see them sleeping in cozy corners all over the city, they might even turn … Read more

Visiting Amsterdam For The First Time? Here Are 21 Best Tips

best places to visit in Amsterdam visiting Amsteredam

Are you visiting Amsterdam for the first time? Then continue reading! With charming canals, pretty bridges and enticing lanes, Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit. It’s a city that entices a whole variety of travelers, from couples on romantic getaways to rowdy partygoers, from solo travelers to families with kids, there’s something for everyone. … Read more

A Useful Guide To Visiting Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

best places to visit in Amsterdam Anne Frank House

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, visiting Anne Frank House is – quite simply – a must. It certainly was to me and it was the most touching, interesting place I visited in the city. Anne Frank lived in hiding with her family in Amsterdam for two years. During this time, the family … Read more

27 Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam

best places to visit in Amsterdam visiting Amsteredam

There are many fantastic places to visit in Amsterdam. I recently visited this incredible city with a friend – though this is also one of the best places to travel alone in Europe – and instantly fell in love with its friendly and easygoing vibe, and with the beautiful sights all around. Known as the … Read more

The Most Amazing Day Trips From Siena

Saturnia Hot Springs

Siena is one of the best places to stay in Tuscany for basing yourself close to all the top cities and attractions in the region. However, the surrounding region is equally captivating. From medieval hilltop towns to rolling vineyards and picturesque countryside, there are numerous opportunities for day trips from Siena that will allow you … Read more