A Useful Packing List For Mexico

packing list for Mexico

Are you traveling to Mexico and are not sure about what to wear in Mexico, and even less so what to bring with you? Let me start by saying that Mexico has different climates and that there are seasons in Mexico too (though perhaps without the dramatic changes known in other places). This means that … Read more

A Quick Guide To Visiting Uxmal Ruins

Uxmal Ruins

Uxmal Ruins are among the most intriguing Mayan sites in Mexico. A short distance from Merida, and part of Mexico’s Ruta Pu’uc (a 58 km or 36 miles route that connects the sites of Uxmal, Labna, Xpalak, Sayil and Kabah), you really should make it a point of exploring it when visiting Yucatan. If you … Read more

A Guide To Renting A Car In Mexico

things to do in Campeche Mexico

Renting a car in Mexico is the way to go if you want to explore the country at your own pace. That’s what my sister and I did the first time we visited Mexico, and sure enough we had a real blast during our road trip! Many, however, have doubts that this is a good … Read more

A Concise Guide To Izamal, Yucatan

Izamal Yucatan

Izamal, Yucatan, is the kind of place you will love exploring – I only know too well! I got there by chance the first time, and enjoyed it so much that I actually decided to go back the other times I was in the region. This small city is actually one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos … Read more

19 Great Things To Do In Boulder, CO

things to do in Bolder, Co

After living there for about 6 months a few years back, I can definitely say that there are plenty of fun things to do in Boulder, CO. Located about 45 minutes drive northeast of Denver, Colorado’s capital, this mid-size city enjoys a fabulous position right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and is a … Read more

Where To Stay In Tulum: 12 Fabulous Tulum Hotels

where to stay in Tulum

Tulum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and for a good reason! With stunning Mayan ruins, gorgeous beaches, a selection of fabulous restaurants, and a great, chilled vibe, it’s easy to see why travelers love it. If you are planning on visiting Tulum and are still looking for where to stay … Read more

Where To Stay In Cancun: 11 Best Cancun Hotels

where to stay in Cancun

The largest city in the state of Quintana Roo, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a fun place to visit and it perfectly caters to any kind of traveler. Whether you are visiting this part of Mexico for a family getaway or are traveling with your better half, and even if you are a backpacker … Read more

A Quick Guide On Tipping In Mexico

tipping in Mexico

If you come from a non-tipping culture like me, tipping won’t come to you naturally and it will take a bit of an effort to understand when to do it, how to do it and how much to tip. Tipping in Mexico is actually customary on many occasions, and if you leave a restaurant without … Read more