A Local’s Take On The Best Food In Rome

food in Rome

Good food in Rome is everywhere, and you are bound to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.  Food is a huge part of Italian culture and a good enough reason to visit Italy. Each region – in fact, each city and each village! – has its local specialties. Eating is easily one of … Read more

A Guide To Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food

When people think of Peru, they often think of beautiful high-altitude hiking, ancient civilizations, and the world-famous Machu Picchu. These are all fantastic reasons to visit Peru, but there’s more. Peruvian food is so full of flavor, diverse, and high quality. Most people who spend time in Peru joke about how much weight they’ve gained … Read more

The Best Colombian Food To Try

Colombian food

Colombian food is certainly not world famous. The country is not renowned for its traditional dishes, but there are still a lot of unique dishes, street food, spices, and fruits to find throughout Colombia. One of the best ways to learn about a culture and a country is to try the most popular local dishes. … Read more

The Ultimate Bologna Food Guide

Bologna Food

Bologna food is heavenly. Dishes that are now famous around the world started life in this city and the surrounding region, from lasagne and tortellini to tagliatelle al ragù alla bolognese. Renowned for its culinary traditions, the city is suitably stacked with places to eat from street-side stalls and markets to venerable restaurants and modern, … Read more

All The Nicaraguan Food You Should Try

Nicaraguan food

Nicaraguan food isn’t nearly as popular and well known as that of other countries on the continent (think Guatemala or Mexico). Yet, if you decide to visit, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety, the flavors, and the wholesomeness of it.  I have been to Nicaragua 3 times – it’s one of my favorite … Read more

12 Best Florence Food To Try

Florence Food

There is a lot of Florence food you need to try. While most people visit Florence in search of Renaissance art, food is definitely one of the perks of visiting the Tuscan capital. While some dishes are now staples of Italian cuisine and easily found throughout the country, there are some that are strictly regional. … Read more

A Guide To Mercato Centrale Florence

Mercato Centrale Florence

Whether you have a weekend, or more days to spend in Florence, you should not miss the bustling food scene, the gastronomic goldmine that is the Mercato Centrale Florence. A few streets down from the Basilica di San Lorenzo and only 900 meters from Santa Maria Novella train station, you can spend a whole morning … Read more

7 Best Restaurants In Cusco

best restaurants in cusco

Whatever your taste and budget is, you won’t have trouble finding some excellent places to eat in Cusco. Whether you are looking for some healthy options or want to load on carbs before going on a long-distance hike; whether you want a taste of local cuisine or something a bit more international; whether you fancy … Read more