32 Best Things To In Do Cuba

things to do in Cuba

With so many things to do in Cuba, you really will have troubles picking what to do and where to go. In fact, you should consider spending two weeks there as a minimum to take in just a fraction of what it has to offer. To be fair, Cuba is the kind of place that … Read more

42 Best Things To Do In Havana

things to do in Havana

The range of things to do in Havana is incredible, and you will inevitably fall in love with this crumbling, charming city. Full of mystery and charm, Cuba is a favorite of travelers who are inevitably fascinated by it. Once called San Cristobal de la Habana, the Cuban capital is the typical starting point of … Read more

32 Best Beaches In Cuba

best beaches in Cuba

If you are looking for the best beaches in Cuba, search no further! I am quite the expert on gorgeous beaches, as I grew up in Sardinia. Like other places in the Caribbean such as Antigua or the Riviera Maya, Cuban beaches can be enjoyed year-round! Curious to find out the best places to bask … Read more

The Best Cuba Travel Tips

Cuba Travel tips

Are you looking for the best Cuba travel tips? You are in good hands! I have visited the country extensively and I am about to tell you all the things to know before traveling to Cuba. Indeed, so many people contact me with questions about Cuba, that I thought it may be easier to just put … Read more

What To Wear In Cuba

what to wear in Cuba

Deciding what to wear in Cuba and what to pack on a trip to Cuba isn’t quite as simple as packing for trips to other Latin American or Caribbean countries. It’s a similar climate, after all. However, while you should pack all the usual stuff (which I’ve listed below), you really need to make sure … Read more

A Short Guide To Camaguey, Cuba

Camagüey Cuba

Most people overlook Camagüey, during their trip to Cuba. They remain enchanted with Trinidad, spend days in Havana, but entirely skip this large city, the capital of the Province of Camagüey.  This is the kind of place you either love or hate. I must admit I failed to see its charm when I visited, for … Read more

The Most Delicious Cuban Food: 43 Mouthwatering Cuban Dishes

Cuban food

It’s amazing what people are able to create with so few ingredients: Cuban food is simply delicious. Cuban cuisine is much better than you’d imagine and was and one of the reasons I found Cuba to be a fantastic holiday destination. Cuban people manage to put together great dishes with so few ingredients. Traditional Cuban … Read more

The Best Guide To Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad Cuba

Time has stopped in Trinidad Cuba. A fantastic mix of colonial architecture and vintage cars, this city is an absolute must see. One of the nicest cities in the Caribbean region is Trinidad, Cuba. This is one of the first Cuban cities founded by the Spanish (around 1514), which grew to become the richest in … Read more