Where To Stay In Ometepe, Nicaragua

travel to Nicaragua where to stay in Ometepe Nicaragua

Looking for where to stay in Ometepe, Nicaragua? You are in the right place! Ometepe is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Nicaragua, and easily my favorite. This volcanic island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua has a lot to offer to adventure travelers, and there are plenty of accommodation options in … Read more

21 Best Things To Do In Leon Nicaragua

Leon Nicaragua

There are many more things to do in Leon, Nicaragua than you would imagine. Many people say they prefer picture-perfect Granada. But Leon has just that something that will make you fall in love.  Leon is a very progressive city. It has always had a strong Sandinista component. When President Somoza Garcia was killed there … Read more

What To Expect When Volcano Boarding Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

volcano boarding

Volcano boarding is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Nicaragua. Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua is home to 19 active volcanoes. Of these, a few surround Leon and some are close to Granada, and two make up Ometepe Island. With so many volcanoes, pretty much any time you … Read more

15 Cool Things To Do In Granada, Nicaragua

Granada Nicaragua

There are many cool things to do in Granada, Nicaragua. Not to be confused with the Andalusian city, this Granada is among the most interesting places to visit in Central America; the kind of place where you plan to stop for 3 days and end up wishing you had more time.  The city is truly … Read more

A Complete Guide To Ometepe, Nicaragua


If you are traveling to Nicaragua, you definitely can’t miss Ometepe.  A volcanic island in the shape of an 8, Ometepe is home to two active volcanoes (Concepción and Maderas). It’s the kind of place where you will find lush vegetation; beautiful small beaches; a lagoon; archeological sites and plenty of wildlife. Yet, what you’ll … Read more

All The Nicaraguan Food You Should Try

Nicaraguan food

Nicaraguan food isn’t nearly as popular and well known as that of other countries on the continent (think Guatemala or Mexico). Yet, if you decide to visit, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety, the flavors, and the wholesomeness of it.  I have been to Nicaragua 3 times – it’s one of my favorite … Read more

Everything You Must Know About Chicken Buses

chicken buses

Chicken buses are a fun and inexpensive way to travel across most of Central America, if only a bit slow and for the most part rather uncomfortable.  If you are backpacking across Central America, you will hardly be able to avoid riding on a chicken bus. In fact, it will be an essential part of … Read more

What You Must Know Before You Travel To Nicaragua

travel to Nicaragua where to stay in Ometepe Nicaragua

Are you planning to travel to Nicaragua? I am glad you are! Lesser visited compared to other countries in Central America, Nicaragua actually has a lot to offer. The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes – that’s how it is known, since there are 19 active volcanoes and many lakes – is a fabulous adventure destinations, … Read more