The Best Museums In Paris

best museums in Paris

If you are spending some time in Paris, you will want to visit a few galleries and museums. But what are the best museums in Paris?  There are 136 museums in Paris. Some are world famous, such as the Louvre, one of the most visited museums in the world; others are not nearly as well … Read more

The Best Things To Do In Montmartre, Paris

things to do in Montmartre

There are many nice things to do in Montmartre, Paris. If there is one neighborhood you should not miss when visiting Paris, that’s Montmartre. Looking more like a large village than a city proper, Montmartre is indeed part of Paris – though in 1871, during the Franco-Prussian war, local residents refused the authority of the … Read more

15 Amazing Day Trips From Paris

day trips from Paris

There are many excellent day trips from Paris that you can easily do independently, by public transportation or car, or on a guided tour. All it takes is deciding where you want to go, and how. While there are many places to visit in Paris, getting out of the city is actually a great way … Read more

The Best Places To Visit In Paris

places to visit in Paris

There are many incredible places to visit in Paris. Whether you are a lover of fine arts or enjoy contemporary architecture; whether you like tiny cobbled alleys or prefer the grandeur of large boulevards; whether you like hitting all the tourist spots or finding hidden gems; and even if you are a lover of gourmet … Read more

How To Avoid The Most Common Paris Scams

Paris scams

What are the most common Paris scams? I like to think I am too seasoned a traveler to fall for scams but, with hindsight, it was not too long ago that I fell for one of the most classic scams in Bangkok for which I ended up paying an extortionate price for a boat ride … Read more

The Best Cities To Visit In France

Best cities to visit in France

Deciding which are the best cities to visit in France is not an easy task. This country is packed with incredibly interesting places to visit. From large, international metropolis with art galleries and museums where to get lost for hours to charming coastal towns perfect for a summer getaway (and not only); from wine cities … Read more