Guest Post Guidelines

Have you recently started a travel blog and you’d like to be featured on My Adventures Across The World? I may be interested in featuring you.

However, before contacting me it’s important you read the guest post guidelines on this page. I will ignore any email that shows you haven’t read this page.

First of all, I only accept guest posts from actual travel bloggers. I don’t accept guest posts from companies or businesses, even those that have a blog, and no matter how small they may be. If you are a business looking for promotion, go through my work with me page instead.

I only accept guest posts about destinations that are already represented on my site – and even in this case, there may be destinations for which I do not actually wish to have additional posts.

If you are a genuine travel blogger looking to submit a guest post, continue reading.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • First and foremost, only pitch to submit a post about a destination you have actually visited in person.
  • Your post can be anything that is destination-specific: an itinerary, a city guide, attraction-specific guides, day trips, activities…
  • Your post must be 100% original – by which I mean no copy pasting from other sites, and no submitting posts that are similar to others you have submitted to other sites either. I will check all posts for plagiarism, and won’t accept any plagiarized post.
  • Make sure to send 8 to 10 pictures along with your post. You must own the copyrights of the photos, which should not be watermarked and should not include easily recognizable people. I may include some of my photos or stock photos to complement the post, if necessary.
  • Posts should be around 2000 to 3000 words – whatever is necessary for the post to be exhaustive but not repetitive.
  • Make sure to write in the “you” form. I am not looking for personal stories, but experience-based tips kind of posts.
  • I will edit the post for flow and SEO purposes; or to add information I think necessary.
  • I will add affiliate links where relevant;
  • I will add internal links and external links to other sources I may deem relevant or useful to the reader.

Please email with the subject line “REAL GUEST POST SUBMISSION”. In your pitch, make sure to include several topic ideas / ideas for a number of destinations, and I hopefully we can work something out. Make sure to include a link to your blog and other guest posts you have published. Do not send attachments. Thank you!