23 Useful Tips For Long Haul Flights

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What are your top tips for long haul flights? I frequently get asked this question by friends, relatives and readers. It’s time I answer it here.

Let’s face it: long haul flights are not fun – at least, not my idea of fun. Tight seats; poor quality food; tiny, crumped and at times dirty bathrooms; people talking or even snoring loudly; nothing good to see on the in-flight entertainment.

Those hours never seem to pass, and when you get to your final destination you feel like complete wreck. It can be so bad that you may even get pulmonary embolism – it happened to my fellow colleague Sherry Otts.

Flying is part of my job and it is not nearly as glamorous you may think. I occasionally manage flying business class, but most of the time I am stuck in economy, praying silently that nobody sits next to me so that I get an entire row and can lay down and rest at least for a few hours. But even if that’s not the case, I manage to make it to my final destination in decent shape.

So how do I do it? Continue reading to get all my top tips for long haul flights. 

long haul flight essentials
Definitely invest your dividend miles in an upgrade

23 Best Tips For Long Haul Flights

Don’t wait to buy your flight last minute

People regularly ask me what my tips for scoring cheap flights are. I honestly don’t have any – other than being super flexible on the dates. But for some of us that is not an option. Some travelers swear on last minute deals, but are you sure a $50 USD saving is worth the hassle of not being able to pick the seat you want, and the chance of being stuck in the middle seat on a long haul flight?  

My number one tip, especially if you fly economy, is to get your tickets as soon as you find something for a reasonable price. 

Pay to get a specific seat

Some airlines will make you pick a seat for free as soon as you buy the tickets – easy peasy and you are all set. Others however will only let do so upon check in – usually 24 hours before departure. These airlines will generally allow you to pay a little bit extra to get your preferred seat. Totally worth it if you are planning a long haul flight. 

Use Seat Guru

I have received one of the best ever tips for long haul flights from another travel blogger was recommended to download Seat Guru, an app that allows users to view the seat disposition on a plane.

You just have to input the airline, date of your flight and flight number, and you will be able to see a detailed map of the plane, a description of the various seats and even get information on your flight status.

Make sure to check for things such as leg room, the presence of a window (have you noticed how some window seats sometimes have no windows?) and whether you seat reclines or not. By the way, I am team recline here. 

long haul flight tips
A window seat gets you the views – if you fly during the day

Window or isle seat?

Good question! This is a matter of personal taste. If you are anything like me – aka restless – get an isle seat. This way, you can avoid bothering the passenger next to you any time you need to get up to use the toilet or stretch your legs. 

If you know you will fall asleep like a child, and that you need to rest your head on something in order to sleep, get a window seat. 

Bid for the seat next to yours – if you fly economy

Another of my tricks you may want to check is to bid for the seat next to you. Not all airlines allow you to do it, but when they do, give it a try.

You can do this at any point after having bought your tickets and the airline will inform you of the status of your bidding a day before the flight. I used this method when flying back from Sri Lanka, after my flight out was absolutely dreadful. 

You just have to input the amount of money you are ready to pay for the seat next to you to remain empty, and if the airline accepts the bid your credit card will be charged. It makes sense to do it on flights that may be almost full – so that you can be sure that if there are a few empty seats, one of them is next to you. 

This article explains how to check how crowded a plane is. 

Buy travel insurance

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to read my post Why You Should Always Get Travel Insurance. Secondly, make sure to get a good insurance – like this one here.

Travel insurance is meant to protect you against things such as flight cancellations and big delays – because really not all airlines are kind to their customers, and most of them will ignore your calls, put you on endless hold and frustrate the living life out of you to the point you feel like giving up.

Most (though not all) airlines will help you only when they mess up big time – think 12 hours delays, flight cancellations, luggage losses. If the flight delay or cancellation is due to bad weather the airline won’t help you.

You will be stuck with nowhere to stay, having to shed even more cash on a last minute hotel, a couple extra meals, transportation from and to the airport all over again, and perhaps even a missed connection. 

A good travel insurance will keep you covered for that – make sure that you tick all the boxes for flight cancellations when getting one, though!

airport lounge
Enjoying the many comforts of an airport lounge

Invest in an airport lounge pass

When you have several of them laid out one after the other and even if you are flying economy, you can get a lounge pass. I learned this when I was flying back to Italy from Uruguay via Miami, a trip that took an overall 48 hours, with a 10 hours flight from Montevideo to Miami, a 15 hours layover in Miami, a 9 hours flight to London, another 8 hours layover and 2 more flights. 

The $50 USD I paid for the airport lounge were probably the best spent money in my traveling career. You could even get yourself a Priority Pass so that you have access to 1200 airport lounges around the world.

Totally worth the money if you ask me. Priority Pass comes with an app that helps you locate airport lounges you can access anywhere in the world. 

An airport lounge offers an incredible series of services such as:

  • luggage storage for your carry on;
  • a place to rest peacefully away from the chaos and traffic of the main lounge;
  • comfortable chairs where you can even lay if you need;
  • blankets and pillows for a proper sleep;
  • a silent area to isolate yourself even better;
  • good wifi access as opposed to the wobbly one you normally get at the airport;
  • entertainment in the form of TV, newspapers, etc;
  • unlimited food and drinks throughout the day;
  • showers in spotless bathrooms with anything you need to freshen up (shampoo, shower gel, lotion, towels and hair dryer) – and to me, this is in and of itself worth the price! 

If you don’t want to invest in a Priority Pass, you can simply walk to the information desk at the airport and ask where the lounge is and pay once you are there. Alternatively, use Lounge Pass to locate and book an airport lounge – it’s actually a good idea as most lounges only accept a limited amount of passengers.

Use your dividend miles for an upgrade

You can actually use those dividend miles accumulated in years of uncomfortable flights and invest them in an upgrade from economy to either premium economy or even business. Trust me, it is oh so worth it. 

Get a travel wallet

One of my favorite long haul flight essentials is a nice travel wallet that holds my documents, so that I can keep everything in one place and don’t have to rummage through the depths of my purse to find my passport, credit card, boarding pass and what not. You can get your travel wallet here.

Get up and walk on the isle every now and then

Unless you are flying business class and can lay down to rest, seats in economy are incredibly uncomfortable, your legs will get numb before you can even fall asleep, your back and neck will hurt and your blood circulation poor.

Ideally, you should regularly get up and walk along the isle. Just take it as an opportunity to use the bathroom, have a drink, stretch your legs. 

Bring your own food

Especially if you have food allergies, intolerances or restrictions, bringing your own food on board is ideal. I am lactose intolerant and allergic to peppers so I often ask for a vegan meal upon booking – because lots of airlines don’t cater for lactose intolerance.

For some reason, they often mess out and I regularly get served a vegetarian meal instead – all cheese, butter and the like. I once complained so much about that I got a voucher to be spent on another ticket!

So what should you bring on board? I recommend protein bars, saltines, trail mix and even a plain sandwich and some fruit (apples are the best in this case). 

Download your favorite series on Netflix

You normally get in-flight entertainment on long haul flights. However, some airlines have a truly poor selection. And what about those times in-flight entertainment doesn’t work? I spent 9 hours on a flight from London to Antigua once with no entertainment at all.

Download your favorite series or movies on Netflix on your smartphone or tablet, so that you can also watch them offline. 

Bring something to read

Not a fan of series? Then how about reading? Opt for your favorite paper book or, if you think that paper books weight too much, opt for a kindle and stock on readings. You can get one here

Take a pen and notebook

If you are flying to the other side of the world, you will probably have to fill in a customs form and having a pen will be handy. The notebook? Just in case you get inspired and want to write a little something. 

tips for long haul flights
Bring those headphones on board!

Carry your own headphones

Airline headphones are so bad you can hardly hear a thing and they make it frustrating to watch anything. Bring your own headphones. You can opt for noise canceling headphones such as these by Bose. Alternatively, your iPhone headphones will honestly work wonders too – just make sure they fit the plug next to the screen.

And a power bank

Have you noticed it is close to impossible to find an outlet in an airport? You can find charging stations every now and then, but these are usually packed – of course they are, nobody can find sockets!

And even if newest planes now offer a USB plug so that you can charge your smartphone, it’s still better to bring a power bank. You just never know you may need it. This is the one I use and recommend. 

Drink lots of water

One of my favorite tips for long haul flights is to drink lots and lots of water – it helps you stay hydrated. This in turn will help you fight jet-lag. Another benefit of drinking so much? You will certainly need to pee more often. Which means you will be forced to get up and walk. Good for circulation. 

Bring a collapsable water bottle such as this one on board. It’s one of the coolest long haul flight essentials you can get.

It fills up nicely and once it’s empty you can ask flight attendants to fill it up again for you – way easier to ask for a single cup of water or one of those tiny bottles every single time. A collapsable bottle is lighter than any metal one, so perfect to carry around during your trip. You can get it here.

Avoid alcohol

A glass of wine on a long flight is ok, but no more than that. Hard alcohol or excessive amounts of alcoholic drinks will dehydrate you, which in turn will give you headache. You really don’t want that!

Take your shoes off

One of my favorite tips for long haul flights is to take your shoes off. You obviously need to make sure they do not stink Make sure to wear socks too (more about that later). 

Don’t wear makeup

Your skin will already be put to the test with terrible dry air and doesn’t need to wear pore clogging products. 

More about moisturizer and other long haul flight essentials below.

Carry these long haul flight essentials

A small backpack

If yours is a long haul flight, you really do need to take a small carry on bag on board. If you are not a fan of standing in line long before boarding starts and don’t want to fight for a bit of room in your over-head compartment, I recommend avoiding wheeled luggage and opting for a small backpack

It can fit under the seat in front of you in case the over-head compartments are full, and it is easier to fit there compared to wheeled luggage which doesn’t bend in any way.

I am a fan of the 28 liters Cabinzero backpack – it’s big enough to carry everything I may need for the flight, as well as my laptop and camera gear. And it’s a nice and comfortable daypack. You can get yours here


Compression socks are not the most fashionable thing. But trust me, they are not just for old ladies and they do help your blood circulation – which really is needed during long haul flights. Even flight attendants wear them – in case you didn’t know. You can get a pair of compression socks here

Sleeping mask and ear plugs

To be fair, many airlines do provide you a small kit with a sleeping mask and ear plugs. Yet, they will be basic and uncomfortable, squashing your eyelashes and eyes and scratching the inside of your ears. Get your personal one and don’t be a cheapo – go for quality. I recommend this sleeping kit here

Travel pillow

You are likely to get a pillow during your long haul flight even if you travel economy. Yet, you should invest in something that holds your neck so that it doesn’t hurt by the time you disembark.

There are many good travel pillows for sale – even inflatable ones. I recommend getting one that you can strap to your backpack. I am a fan of Trtl Travel Pillow. You can get it here.

Travel size toothpaste and toothbrush

One of my favorite tips for long haul flights is to try – as much as possible – to keep the same bed time routine you keep at home. Most of us eat dinner, brush our teeth, wash our face or shower, read a book or watch some TV, then fall asleep. Try to do this even during a flight. I do it and it honestly works.

That’s why I recommend getting a travel size dental kit. Stores and pharmacies sell them for around $5 USD and if you can’t find one at a store near you, you can get it online for about the same price. Here is one. You may even want to invest in a small bottle of mouthwash!

Chewing gum

Some people swear it helps relieve the pressure in their ears and swear it’s one of their ultimate essentials for long-haul flights.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are one of my favorite long haul flight essentials. You can use them to wash your face, and even to give yourself a quick sponge bath. If you search carefully you can find really small packages which are perfect to pack in your carry-on – such as these for example. 

Moisturizer and lip balm

The dry air on a plane dries out your skin terribly – it’s like you are in the desert, except you are not. Your face, hands and lips will dry out. In fact, not sure about you but even the inside of my nose dries up and really hurts!

Try to keep your skin and lips moisturized by smothering yourself with abundant amounts of lotion and regularly dab some lip balm. Make sure to also pack a travel size tub of hand lotion. 

These are my favorite travel beauty products:

Travel size brush

If you have a maze of hair like mine, you will want to brush it every now and then even during a long haul flight, especially since that terrible dry air will keep it flying everywhere and it will accumulate all the static electricity.

Make sure to carry on board among a good folding hair brush like this one. In fact, consider bringing a hair tie or two to keep them tidy,

Hand sanitizer

This is something that should be in your bag whether you board a plane, a bus or just walk around. We don’t always have a chance to wash our hands – something so important to prevent the spreading of diseases. But a good hand sanitizer works wonder. You can buy it here.

First aid kit and prescription medicines

One of my best tips for long haul travels is to always pack some basic medications with you. You never know you may get motion sickness, stomach pain, or a headache (I regularly do, despite my best efforts to stay hydrated). You will need a first aid kit that includes:

  • Dramamine – best to fight motion sickness. I recommend the regular stuff as it will also make you drowsy and you will fall asleep more easily.
  • Paracetamol or ibubrofen – just in case you can’t get rid of that headache.
  • Melatonin – this will help you fall asleep and in fact it’s the best way to also fight jet-lag.
  • Probiotics – in case you feel terribly bloated during and after the long haul flight. 
  • Eye drops – unless you are one of the lucky ones who’s eyes don’t sting like mad during a flight.

All these can be bought over the counter. Remember to also bring any prescription medicine you may be needing. 

Outfit matters

Have you noticed how some people seem to wear their best outfit when boarding a long haul flight? I am not sure who they are trying to impress. I believe in comfort, though. You will be sitting on a plane for 10+ hours and the last thing you need is for the button of those pretty jeans to press on your stomach! 

Below, is my recommended outfit. 


I love hoodies. They are warm, comfortable and you can pull up the hood to cover your face and eyes when you sleep. I am a huge fan of Kuhl Protektr Hoodyicon. It’s warm but not bulky and incredibly comfortable. 

Leggings or sweatpants

Seriously – no jeans. You want something that allows you to move freely on that seat – whether you are restrained in economy or in business. Harmony jegging by Kuhlicon is the perfect compromise – at the same time comfortable and fashionable. You can get your pair here.icon


Even in the summer, bring a scarf on a long haul flight – just a light one. You can ball it up and use as a pillow if you forgot your travel pillow. You can use it to cover your head or neck if the plane is terribly cold. And once you get to your destination, it can be used as a shawl to cover your shoulders if you enter a temple.

Be polite

This is the most important of all my tips for long haul flights. Don’t be the disrespectful selfish passenger that does not care at all about other people’s space and comfort. Don’t take the entire over-head compartment.

Be nice enough to ask if you can recline your seat to the passenger sitting behind you – especially if the flight attendants haven’t removed the dinner trays yet. Be patient when waiting in line for the lavatory. Be friendly to other travelers. It will make your flight a whole lot better.

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