Where To Stay In Medellin

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If you are looking for where to stay in Medellin, you are in the right place: I have spent weeks there and explored the city in depth. If you are planning a trip to Medellin but are worried about safety, comfort, and central location, I totally get it. Choosing accommodation in a city you aren’t familiar with can be confusing, especially in a city like Medellin with a reputation.

There are certainly some dangerous regions in Medellin, but there are also some beautiful and safe spots for travelers.

Medellin is a large city, and many popular tourist attractions are actually scattered across various parts of town. Therefore, your primary focus should be finding a safe neighborhood that meets your needs. From here, getting around the city with rideshare apps or public transportation is effortless.

El Poblado is the most popular neighborhood for travelers in Medellin, but several other communities are worth considering depending on your preferences and plans.

Whether you’re looking for the best hotspot for fun nightlife, a more relaxed, authentic feel, or maybe a place to travel with your family, there is likely a neighborhood in Medellin that caters to you.

In this post, I will talk about some of the best neighborhoods in Medellin and the best accommodations to meet varying budgets, so that you’ll know where to stay in Medellin. The Colombian city is already a budget-friendly city, so you can easily splurge on luxurious accommodations or keep your trip costs low with affordable, comfortable, and highly-rated accommodation.

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Where To Stay In Medellin

El Poblado – Where to stay in Medellin for comfort and security

El Poblado is the most well-known neighborhood in Medellin for tourists, expats, and digital nomads. This area targets foreigners and vacationers with high-end malls, restaurants, bars, and lively parks. That said, it is still a very “Colombia” city, so you can easily explore the large area of El Poblado and gain insight into local Colombian culture.

El Poblado is most known for being the most comfortable and safe of the neighborhoods in Medellin. It is where to stay in Medellin if you are looking for a safe community with easy access to public transportation and other amenities.

Some of the best restaurants are in El Poblado, home to the famous Pablo Escobar Museum and El Castillo Museo, and Zona Rosa for nightlife.

Keep in mind El Poblado is still not completely free of crime. While it is more policed and secure than other areas, there still are reports of minor robberies in El Poblado. Just be sure to practice safe traveling and stay aware of your surroundings, and you should be fine.

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Luxury – Patio del Mundo

Patio del Mundo is more than just a hotel. It’s high-end boutique accommodation right in the heart of El Poblado. You can easily walk to many of the major attractions in El Poblado while enjoying a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Patio del Mundo is situated out of the hustle and bustle of the city, with extensive gardens and surrounded by trees. That means you can escape, enjoy nature, and truly relax while at the hotel.

There are only 13 rooms on the property, which means it is not overly crowded, either. The rooms are spacious, stylish, and beautiful. Many of the rooms come with a balcony, which is another tranquil place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the grounds here.

Mid-range – Landmark Hotel

Landmark Hotel has the vibe of a high-end luxury hotel at a much more affordable price. It is the best mid-range accommodation you can find in El Poblado. Landmark Hotel is a four-star hotel with a complimentary continental breakfast, a rooftop pool, and stylish rooms.

The best feature of Landmark Hotel is the stunning views from the rooftop pool. You will find 360-degree views of El Poblado and the surrounding Medellin. The pool includes comfortable seating, lounging, and relaxing options.

The rooms are modern and fully furnished to meet all your needs. In addition to the pool, the staff is friendly, helpful, and supportive. And finally, Landmark Hotel is only a relatively short walk from the major hotspots in El Poblado, like Lleras Park.

Budget – Yolo Hostel Medellin

Yolo Hostel offers private and mixed dormitory rooms, all at a very affordable price. It is not as party-centric as other hostels in Colombia and caters to the adventurous, social, and relaxed traveler.

For a hostel, the accommodation is very comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming to all travelers. You can easily meet other travelers or relax in their common area for an evening.

Yolo Hostel offers an airport shuttle, a 24-hour front desk, free bicycles, and access to any city information you may want. In addition, it is only a short walk from Lleras Park, El Poblado Park, and Dancer’s Park. They include many helpful services, as well.

Yolo Hostel Medellin is where to stay in Medellin if you’re looking for an affordable and social atmosphere.

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Laureles – Where to stay in Medellin for exciting nightlife

El Poblado has some great nightlife, but Laureles is undoubtedly the rising star in this field in recent years. Laureles is quickly becoming a haven for travelers, backpackers, and digital nomads in Medellin. For this reason, accommodation often caters to foreigners by providing total comfort and all amenities.

Laureles is one of the best neighborhoods in Medellin to go out in, so if you enjoy going out to various bars and clubs, consider accommodation in Laureles.

Luxury – Origen Local Suites

Origen Local Suites is a comfortable, spacious, and nicely furnished hotel in Laureles. Each room has a balcony with unique city views, a private bathroom, and a kitchen. Some rooms include a full kitchen with a stovetop, while others have only the basics.

Origen Local Suites is highly rated for its location, as it is very close to all the action and tourist spots in Laureles. You can easily walk around the neighborhood and find everything you need.

In addition, Origen Local Suites offers an airport shuttle, 24-hour desk, and room service.

Mid-range – Hotel Casa Laureles

Hotel Casa Laureles is a highly-rated four-star hotel in the center of Laureles. It is only three blocks from Los Laureles Mall. The rooms are modern and simple and include all amenities you may want on your trip.

Hotel Casa Laureles also offers a great breakfast buffet for guests, which you can enjoy in the beautiful dining area or the comfort of your bedroom. Most rooms include a balcony with a great city view.

You will feel completely safe walking around the hotel’s neighborhood after going out in Laureles. This makes it a great option if you’re visiting Laureles for the nightlife and want to be close to the action.

Budget – Casa Mosaiko Primer Parque

Casa Mosaiko is right across from Laureles Park, which means you will be incredibly close to all the famous restaurants and bars. It comes at an affordable price but still offers comfortable accommodations and convenience for the average traveler.

Casa Mosaiko also has many positive reviews, many pointing out that the quality of care and service is much higher than expected. Each room has bed linens, towels, and a private bathroom. There are many different room options to choose from, as well.

If you’re looking for quality accommodation at a reasonable price, Casa Mosaiko Primer Parque can offer exactly that.

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Envigado – Where to stay in Medellin if traveling with children

Envigado is a district located just south of El Poblado. It is considered one of the wealthier districts in Colombia but has not been overrun just yet by tourists or expats. Because of that, it still has a very authentic and cultural feel, compared to El Poblado, which is slowly becoming full of large shopping malls and skyrise apartment buildings.

Envigado is a good choice for families because it is relatively safe and has many parks, walking paths, and other family-friendly activities.

Because Envigado is known as a residential, family-friend neighborhood, there are much fewer hotels to choose from. That being said, there is still some quality accommodation.

Luxury – Arame Hotel

Arame is a four-star hotel located right in Envigado. This is a rather traditional hotel, with standard rooms, a la carte breakfast, a fitness center, a sauna, and a 24-hour help desk. You can find all standard amenities here and at a great price.

The rooms are spacious for a hotel, the balcony is enjoyable, and the mattresses are incredibly comfortable. Arame Hotel prioritizes your comfort, an essential characteristic of a hotel.

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Mid-range – Titania Recinto Natural Hospedaje de Montaña y Eventos Mágicos

Titania Recinto Natural Hospedaje de Montaña y Eventos Mágicos is a mid-range lodge perfect for those who want to escape Medellin’s business but still be relatively close to the action in Envigado.

Titania Recinto is located in Envigado but is set back a bit. It gives it a natural and tranquil atmosphere: large grass fields, flowers on the patio, and plenty of places to lounge and enjoy nature.

In addition, Titania Recinto has several different lodges to choose from. You can get a single room as a solo traveler or with your partner or a multi-bedroom lodge for larger families.

Budget – Coliving El Jardin de Envigado

Coliving El Jardin is technically a coliving space, with comfortable accommodation in a great location. This might be a great option if you have some work or want dedicated workspaces with WiFi. However, even if you aren’t planning on working, Coliving El Jardin is still a great budget choice in Envigado.

At Coliving El Jardin, you can book a standard room (some include a mini kitchen and microwave) with a shared or private bathroom. The location of the coliving makes it ideal for travelers or long-term visitors, as it is right across from a metro station. It also has excellent security, nearby amenities, and a 24-hour help desk in the lobby.

Sabaneta where to stay in Medellin
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Sabaneta – Where to stay in Medellin for small-town vibes

Sabaneta is the smallest municipality in Medellin and has earned a positive reputation for friendly residents, welcoming culture, and lovely small-town vibes.

Sabaneta has managed to keep the small-town atmosphere, which is surprising for how much growth Medellin has seen in recent years. It also has abundant street food, vendors, local shops, and rich culture.

If you want to experience Medellin’s homely, welcoming side, consider staying in Sabaneta. You might get so comfortable in this neighborhood you won’t even want to leave.

I would like to note that Sabaneta is not as popular as El Poblado or Laureles, so there are fewer hotel options. Instead, most accommodation is apartments, condos, or villas for rent. Book several months in advance if you plan to stay in Sabaneta, as the accommodation is minimal.

Luxury – NevadaLofts

NevadaLofts is a swanky four-star hotel located right in the center of Sabaneta. There are very few hotels in this small suburb of Medellin, so NevadaLofts stands out as one of the best options for a hotel stay.

NevadaLofts has modern decorations, basic amenities, a 24-hour help desk, and even a free airport shuttle. They cater to visitors and travelers and provide a comfortable resting place during your Medellin trip.

NevadaLofts does have several different room options that range from more luxurious to more budget-friendly. You can choose the room and style that fits your budget and needs best.

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Mid-range – Ven a disfrutar de una maravillosa estadía

The name of this apartment translates to “Come and enjoy a wonderful stay” in English. This is not a hotel but an entire three-bedroom apartment. It is located in the center of Sabaneta, with excellent security and easy access to all amenities.

This apartment is best for larger families but can also be a great escape for couples. While it is not considered a budget accommodation for Medellin (in an area where the cost of living is already so low), it is still highly affordable.

Budget – Apartamento compartido con anfitrión, habitación principal con baño privado y vistas preciosas de la ciudad

The title of this apartment listing translates to “Apartment shared with the host, main room with private bathroom and beautiful views of the city.”

This is a shared apartment where you have a private room and bathroom in a small apartment. The host is the other occupant, but you might also be sharing the apartment with other travelers from either around Colombia or elsewhere in the world. While it doesn’t have as much privacy as a hotel room, it is one of the most highly rated options for budget travelers in Sabaneta, especially if you’re already comfortable in hostels.

Remember that Sabaneta has few hotels or hostels, as it is still a small town. You may have to check out apartments or shared apartments for your stay.

El Castillo Medellin

El Centro – Where to stay in Medellin for an authentic feel

El Centro, or La Candelaria, is the historic center of Medellin. There are a lot of museums, universities, street vendors, and parks. Getting around El Centro is easy enough, and getting to El Centro is also very simple with the San Antonio metro station.

It is generally not encouraged to stay in El Centro, as it is much more dangerous than other Medellin neighborhoods. However, El Centro has a very raw, local, and authentic feel. If you want to push the boundaries and stay in El Centro for the whole Colombian experience, you have several options.

Remember, if you plan to go out at night, stick to rideshare apps directly from your hotel to your destination and vice versa. Walking around El Centro after dark is not recommended.

Luxury – Tropical Suites Medellin

La Candelaria, or El Centro, isn’t exactly where you might want to go for luxury accommodation. El Centro is rough and wild and has a very low accommodation cost. If you wish to be as close to luxury as possible in El Centro, check out Tropical Suites Medellin.

This is a simple hotel with spacious rooms, a mini kitchen, strong security, and comfortable beds. The reviews are generally good, and there are very few problems.

In addition, the hotel is very secure, with 24/7 security and a 24-hour help desk. If you find yourself in La Candelaria, Tropical Suites Medellin is a safe and comfortable place to consider.

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Mid-range – Jerusalén Hotel Prado

Jerusalén Hotel Prado is a three-star hotel located in El Centro, Medellin. It is close to all major tourist attractions in the historic center, such as Bolivar’s Park, San Pedro’s Cementary Museum, and Parque de la Republica.

Jerusalén Hotel Prado has many different rooms, so you can go with more luxury accommodation or downgrade to a budget-friendly option. The hotel is very high-end, with modern, fresh, clean rooms. Some rooms have a balcony or terrace, and all have a private bathroom.

The hotel also offers complimentary breakfast for guests, has a restaurant on-site that makes American food, and guests from all over the world. Jerusalén Hotel Prado is where to stay in Medellin if you want to risk staying in El Centro, but with safe, reliable, and comfortable accommodation.

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Budget – Centro Hostel Medellin

A hostel is one of the best options for solo travelers or those looking to meet other like-minded people. Centro Hostel Medellin is located in the heart of Medellin and is known to have many different kinds of travelers coming and going.

You can get a private room with a private (or shared) bathroom or cut costs with a bed in a dormitory.

Whichever route you go, you should feel comfortable and secure while in the hostel. You can also find a lot of information from the front desk and ask other travelers about their experiences in the beautiful country and city.

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