7 Easy Ways Of Getting London Eye Tickets

London Eye tickets

Getting The London Eye tickets is hardly a hassle. This post will explain the best options available. The London Eye is one of my favorite attractions in London. I first discovered it in 2010, when a friend was visiting me in town, and he asked me to go up. I was honestly reluctant to do … Read more

5 Easy Ways Of Getting London Dungeon Tickets

London Dungeon Tickets

Getting The London Dungeon tickets is easier than you can imagine. This post will help you find a way that suits you. When it comes to interactive attractions, few places in London are as entertaining as The London Dungeon – and scary as well. Walking through this place, actors will tell you an interesting – … Read more

How To See London In 2 Days

London in 2 days

Seeing London in 2 days is definitely ambitious. The British capital is a massive, spread out city that requires a lot of time to be properly explored. If you only have 2 days in London and it is your first time there, you will be glad to know that you can see some of its … Read more

The Best Restaurants In Porto For The Best Porto Food

best restaurants in Porto

If you want to try the best Porto food, head straight to the best restaurants in Porto. But which are they? Worry not, this post has you covered! As more and more visitors have been flocking to Portugal’s shores in recent years, thanks in large part to the many travel awards the country has be … Read more

Everything You Need To Know To Visit Chernobyl

Chernobyl today

More and more people today want to visit Chernobyl and the new HBO series is bound to make it an even more popular tourist destination. I visited Chernobyl 2 years ago, when it was not even trendy yet, and truly enjoyed it. I went on a 1-day tour that departed from Kiev and that took … Read more

Where Is Sardinia, Anyways?

Asinara, photo 2, Sardegna

Where is Sardinia? We Sardinians are very proud people. We are completely, deeply, madly in love with our land to the point that we have a saying according to which when God created paradise he actually ended up creating Sardinia. Yes, it is a gorgeous place and many a visitor find it so. I have heard … Read more

A Week In Paris Itinerary: What To See And Do

a week in Paris

Are you planning a week in Paris? Great news! That’s just about the right amount of time to spend there – though granted, I could spend months at end there without never getting bored. I am sure that in that week you will fall in love with it (as I did) and resolve to go … Read more

17 Things Italians Do Better Than Others

Italians get easily recognized when traveling.  Come on people! We are loud, we do speak with our hands, we are not ashamed of singing in public, we have a love for pizza and pasta that nobody can match. Whether we go on vacation in Cuba, venture to the culturally more similar Argentina and Uruguay, we … Read more