11 Best Day Trips From Havana

Day trips from Havana

There are many excellent day trips from Havana you can take. Havana is a great city, with a lot to see and do, and it will take you days to explore it. The good news is that it is also easy to get out of town, and you can explore other parts of Cuba relatively … Read more

A Great Guide To Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa Cuba

Baracoa is one of the most interesting places to visit in Cuba. Located in the Guantanamo Province, on the south-western tip of the island, not many travelers make it all the way there, because it is actually quite hard to reach. Most will bus their way down from Havana and once they are out of … Read more

A Great Guide To Viñales Cuba

Viñales Cuba

For as tiny as it is, Viñales, Cuba has a lot to offer to visitors.  Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and a National Park in 2001, Viñales Valley, in the Province of Pinar del Rio, and the small town that takes the same name, are great to explore. Packed with hiking trails … Read more

A Great Guide To Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos Cuba

Cienfuegos is a lovely, yet extremely underrated destination in Cuba. Part of the Province of Cienfuegos and not far from the more popular Trinidad, this small town has a nice historical center that is pleasant to explore, and enjoys a laidback atmosphere. Yet, what you are likely going to enjoy the most in Cienfuegos is … Read more

How To Get The Visa For Cuba (Also For Americans)

visa for Cuba

All travelers need a visa for Cuba. Some can get it online, others can’t. The Cuba Tourist Card or – in Spanish – Tarjeta de Viaje, is commonly referred to as the Cuban visa (though the actual visa is a different thing). This is fairly easy to get. What you need to keep in mind when … Read more

The Worst Scams In Cuba

scams in Cuba

Scams in Cuba are common, annoying and pretty much inevitable. You see, people in Cuba have had to smarten up. When they get an average salary of around $30, no matter their studies and titles and no matter how hard they work, some of them have found ingenious ways to make ends meet, and more … Read more

The 7 Best Places To Go Hiking In Cuba

hiking in Cuba

Not many people know, but hiking in Cuba is actually excellent. Most people who travel to this vibrant and lively Caribbean country enjoy the beautiful colonial cities, the fantastic beaches, the delicious food, the fun music, the contact with a completely different culture. Talk about hiking in Cuba, though, and most people simply ignore that … Read more

Where Are The Lovely Cubans?

Cubans are unique people. What’s up with people visiting countries and always, inevitably and predictably falling in love with its people? Each time I plan to visit a new place, I spend hours on the web reading about it. Travel blogs, online magazines, guides, travel diaries and what not. I don’t think I have ever … Read more