How To Get From Marco Polo Airport To Venice

Getting from Marco Polo Airport to Venice is actually very easy. In this post, I will share all the best options.

The main airport serving Venice is, of course, Marco Polo Airport. The international airport is connected to a number of destinations, including a long list of European cities and a collection of long haul flights to and from cities in North America and Asia.

The airport is the fourth busiest in the country. It’s a modern, well-equipped facility that’s well designed to facilitate the large number of passengers it receives per year (over 11 million in 2018).

Taking its name from the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo, who traveled through Asia along the Silk Route in the late 13th century, the airport is actually situated on the mainland, close to the village of Tessera, around 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from Venice proper.

There is a second airport situated in the vicinity of Venice, Treviso Airport, but this is smaller and served by low-cost budget airlines. It’s also further away from Venice — around 31 kilometers (19 miles), though actually quite easy to reach by train.

Since it’s on the mainland, getting from Marco Polo Airport to Venice involves either traveling to the center of the waterbound city either by bridge or by boat. Continue reading to discover all the available options to travel from Marco Polo Airport to Venice, with something for all budgets and travel needs.

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How To Get From Marco Polo Airport To Venice

Take a private water taxi

For those who are looking to arrive in Venice in the most comfortable way, a private water taxi is a fantastic option. This is the best way to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice proper if comfort is important to you, if you want the quickest journey time, and if you’re not traveling on a budget.

Taking a private water taxi is not actually the norm for everybody to travel around in Venice, but it’s actually great for those who want to save time — especially if your accommodation has its own private dock. Private water taxis are also a really great way to get a view of the floating city as you arrive by the water on your own private boat.

However, this form of transport can be quite expensive, between €180 and €200, but if you are traveling with friends or family and you can share the costs, it’s actually quite convenient. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to travel from the airport to the city, depending on where you are staying.

From the airport arrivals hall, the water taxi dock is around a 5-minute walk. It’s a good idea to book a private water taxi in advance if you do want to use this option. Your accommodation may be able to offer you advice as to the best company to use, or you could opt to book it through a highly reputable site like Welcome Pickups.

You can book your private water taxi on Welcome Pickups here or here.

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Hop in a shared water taxi

If the private water taxi is an attractive option to you, but you don’t have the budget or simply prefer not paying for it, don’t worry: there’s always the option of a shared water taxi. Sharing a water taxi is a great choice for travelers who want to enjoy the convenience of taking a private taxi, but who want to save on the costs.

It’s ideal for those who are traveling solo or even if you’re traveling as a couple, and you want to treat yourself to an exciting adventure as you arrive into Venice. You’ll be sharing with other travelers, of course, and you’ll also incur fees for the amount of luggage you bring aboard.

Travel time from Marco Polo Airport to Venice in this case, depends on how many travelers are on the shared water taxi, their destination, and the route followed – for example, it may take longer if you are the last one to be dropped off.

Booking a water taxi can be done in advance. You can find them on sites such as GetYourGuide here.

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Take the Alilaguna Vaporetto

The Alilaguna Vaporetto is basically the official vaporetto (water bus service) that runs between the Marco Polo Airport and Venice. The vaporetto leaves from the airport docks and takes travelers to Venice and the surrounding islands, making multiple stops along the way.

There are three different lines that ply the route between the airport and the city – Blu, Red and Orange – so make sure to use the line that takes you closer to your accommodation.

Tickets for the Alilaguna Vaporetto can be purchased on arrival at the airport, either at the ticket office at the arrivals hall, at the baggage claim carousels (from ticket machines located there), or onboard the vaporetto itself.

This vaporetto is much cheaper than a private or shared water taxi, costing €15 for a one way ticket (it’s to €27 if you buy a roundtrip ticket, which is valid for 30 days after the first validation) per person, which includes one piece of luggage. There is an additional €3 per extra item of luggage.

When you arrive at the airport, all you have to do to find the Alilaguna Vaporetto is follow the light blue signs for “water transport” — these will lead you to the dock. Make sure to also validate your ticket at one of the machines along the platform before boarding your vaporetto.

Keep in mind the Vaporetto takes much longer than the water taxi, taking upwards of an hour to 90 minutes (due to the multiple stops along the way).

You can check out the timetable of the Aligaguna Vaporetto on their official website here.

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Ride the bus to Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma is pretty much the gateway to Venice, especially if you’re arriving by train or car. This is where the bus connects to if you want to catch that from the airport. Buses leave from just outside the airport. There are two companies that ply the route, ATVO and ACTV; the first takes 20 minutes and leaves regularly throughout the hour, while the second takes 25 minutes.

Getting the bus is a good option if your accommodation is located near Piazzale Roma. Otherwise, getting from Piazzale Roma to elsewhere in Venice is simple thanks to the vaporetto — for example, line 2 leaves from here and will have you within walking distance of St. Mark’s Square in 15 minutes.

Taking the bus from Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma is the cheapest option to get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice, costing around €10 one way.

You can book your bus to Piazzale Roma here.

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Take a taxi to Piazzale Roma

If speed and convenience are important to you, and you are staying near Piazzale Roma, then you might want to opt to take a taxi. Taxis aren’t exactly cheap, however, costing around €40 from the airport to Piazzale Roma. You can pay by cash or card.

Depending on the traffic conditions, the route can take between 15 and 20 minutes, but then if you are not staying in the immediate surroundings of Piazzale Roma, you have to consider the journey time from there to your accommodation.

Much of Venice is inaccessible by car, so your taxi will not be able to go any further than Piazzale Roma, and will certainly not be able to whisk you right to the front door of your hotel. From Piazzale Roma, you can either walk or catch a vaporetto to where you’re staying.

The taxi service from Marco Polo Airport is run by Cooperativa Artigiana Radio Taxi. You can go on their website to check for the correct fare and even book yourself a taxi in advance. The taxi rank at the airport is located within easy walking distance from the arrivals hall on the ground floor.

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