11 Amazing Surfing Spots in Sardinia

I have a bunch of friends who travel the world in search of good waves and tell me there’s plenty of good surfing spots in Sardinia. Simone has moved to Lanzarote because he wants to have good weather year round and warm waters to catch waves. Alessandro plans a surf-stop wherever he goes. When he planned his trip to Central America, he was enthusiastic to find that there is great surfing in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

However, our very own Sardinia has some incredible surfing spots. Acclaimed for its amazing beaches, its nature, its beautiful small cities, the unique archeological sites, the great hiking trails and the ancient culture, Sardinia offers good surfing year round.

surfing in Sardinia
Biderosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia enjoys a very favorable position in the Mediterranean, such that it always gets small to medium sized waves year round, especially along the west coast. If winter is by far the best season to catch good waves, it is also possible to do so in other seasons, especially when the strong mistral wind sweeps the island. Those who are fortunate enough to travel to Sardinia in the summer may get the best of both: incredible beaches to relax on sunny days, and great surfing spots on windy ones.

Following is a selection of the best 11 surfing spots in Sardinia, as recommended by my friends who love surfing.

11 Amazing Surfing Spots in Sardinia

Su Giudeu, Chia (Domus de Maria)

Don’t be fooled by the picture: while Chia is a fantastic beach to hang out on quiet days, it also is an incredible surfing spot. Located on the south coast of Sardinia, Su Giudeu, Chia is a favorite of locals for many reasons.

There is a lagoon right behind the beach, where pink flamingoes live; the sand is fine and golden and has formed gorgeous sand dunes; there is a small island that can he reached easily from the shore and, as if this is not enough, when the winds blow from the north east or the north, Su Giudeu, in Chia is ideal for surfing.

surfing spots in Sardinia
Wonderfully still Su Giudeu becomes one of the best surfing spots in Sardinia when the wind blows – photo courtesy of Elena Giglia (flickr)

San Nicolao and Portixeddu (Buggerru)

San Nicolao and Portixeddu are located on the south west coast of Sardinia. They are two beautiful white sand beaches that are not far from the former mining village of Buggerru. They get excellent waves, up to 3 meters high, when the mistral winds blow. It’s been the location of competition run by The European Professional Surfing Association.

Portixeddu vista da Buggerru
Portixeddu – photo courtesy of mezzosakko (flickr)

Guroneddu (Portoscuso)

Not far from Portoscuso and on the south west coast of Sardinia, Guroneddu is an excellent surfing spot in the winter months, while summers tend to be mostly flat. The best time to go is when the wind blows from the west. It is an exposed reef, and there’s also rocks and urchins to watch for. Guroneddu isn’t easy to reach, but worth the search.

Guroneddu – photo courtesy of Alessandro Abis

Putzu Idu and Capu Mannu (San Giovanni di Sinis)

On the west coast of Sardinia and not far from Oristano, one of the main cities on the island, there’s the Sinis peninsula. At the north of the Peninsula there’s a beautiful strip of white sand called Putzu Idu, which is ideal for any water sport, such a windsurf, kitesurf and even surf. Capu Mannu is close to Putzu Idu, to the north, and get some of the biggest waves in the Mediterranean. They get the best surfing conditions with either mistral or south west winds.

surfing spots in Sardinia Capu Mannu - photo courtesy of Simone Piras
Capu Mannu – photo courtesy of Simone Piras

Porto Ferro (Alghero)

Porto Ferro is a beautiful unspoiled beach close to Alghero, one of the most beautiful cities in Sardinia. It is a stretch of sand of around 2 km of sand, with clear azure waters, where surf junkies love going right after storms from either south west, west or north west. It’s one of the best surfing spots in Sardinia even with active south west wind.

Isola Rossa and La Marinedda (Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola)

Isola Rossa and La Marinedda are located on the north coast of Sardinia, not far from the lovely village of Castelsardo and in what is known as Costa Paradiso. Isola Rossa takes its name from the small island located just 400 meters from the shore. Its main feature is a large coastal Spanish watch tower built in medieval times in order to protect the area from the invasions of pirates.

The nearby La Marinedda, is a small cove where some easy hiking trail afford splendid views of the clear waters. Both beaches are perfect surfing spots in Sardinia whenever the mistral wind blows.

Sa Marinedda, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, turns into an excellent surf spot when mistral blows

Porto Giunco (Villasimius)

On the south east coast of Sardinia and at about one hour drive from the main city Cagliari, Porto Giunco, not far from Villasimius, is one of the most amazing beaches on the island. It is a beautiful bay with incredibly fine, soft, white sand and the most amazing blue waters; right behind it the salt pods of Notteri are inhabited by pink flamingoes. With south east and east swells, Porto Giunco becomes a fantastic surfing location.

surfing in Sardinia
Porto Giunco is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and one of the best surfing spots in Sardinia – photo courtesy of Marcello Chiodino

Racca Point, Capitana (Quartu S. Elena)

Located on the south coast of Sardinia at about 25 minutes drive from Cagliari, Racca Point is a lovely beach with clear waters and one of the best places surfing spots in Sardinia. The best time to catch waves is when the wind blows from north east. That’s when there are long waves to ride.

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Have you ever surfed in Sardinia? What were your favorite surf spots on the island?

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16 thoughts on “11 Amazing Surfing Spots in Sardinia”

  1. Hi Claudia,

    Great, informative post! I’m visiting Sardegna from 7-14 november and I was thinking of picking up surfing again. It’s been six years though, so I figure I should take one lesson to refresh my skills. Do you have any suggestions for where I could take a quick surfing class?



  2. Hi Arthur, thanks for your comment and I am glad you are finding my post useful. My friend Alessandro – who’s in one of the pictures here! – is also a surf instructor, so you can definitely talk to him. Just get in touch with me via email (it’s in the contact form) and I shall put you two in touch 🙂

  3. Hi – A friend and I are looking to go surfing end of Feb 2019, somewhere near Porta Ferro would be good (as there is a great beach bar there)
    Can you recommend somewhere near to area who could accommodate us for a few days and hire us some boards etc?

  4. Hi Mike, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you want to surf in the region, your best bet is staying in Alghero. There are plenty of good accommodation options, restaurants and places where you can rent a board. Etik is just one of them. I have a post on things to do in Sardinia and another one on best beaches in Sardinia with plenty more information on how to move around the island and recommendations on where to stay etc! Let me know if you need more help 🙂

  5. Hi Claudia, I plan to vacation and surf on the west coast of Sardina September 24 – 29, 2019. I am trying to find a fun place to surf with nice beaches on the west coast where I could also rent surfboards. I am also looking for a hotel on the beach or near the beach or maybe you have other ideas about where to stay? Can you put me in touch with some surfers on the west coast that can help me plan my trip?
    Thank you. Jim

  6. Hi Jim! Surfing in Sardinia is strongly dependent on wind. Your best best for good waves is the area of Masua Pan di Zucchero, in which case you have to stay in Buggerru or Nebida. No recommendations for hotels there, though. My good friend Alessandro Abis is a great surfer – he owns a company called Follow the Sun Sardinia and through that you can get in touch with him for adventure stuff or recommendations on surfing. Definitely tell him that I have recommended 🙂

  7. We are heading to Sardinia in a couple of weeks. Where would be the best place to surf?

  8. Hi I travel to a town new Arbatxa every year in the summer and have been wanting to surf in for years. Do you know of any locations on that side of Sardinia?

  9. I don’t actually – that coast gets much less waves. You are better off moving to the west coast if you want to surf.

  10. Hi,

    There are 2 of us travelling to Sardinia in Mid September and are very flexible with the locations, but would love to surf.but nothing very advanced as we are both still learning.Could you recommend where would be best to continue our surfing education;)?

  11. Hello! Surfing in Sardinia is highly connected to the wind and waves you get in the summer, which aren’t much. I’d say that south east – the area of Masua – is the best!

  12. Hello!

    Travelling to Sardinia with elderly family. I want to surf, they want to take authentic italian cooking classes. Any ideas if both could be done in/around Sardinia in September? Thanks for any info! Love the photos.

  13. Yes, of course they can. Surfing in September may be dependent on the winds – you will have to regularly follow the weather broadcast to see where the wind is blowing but with a bit of luck you’ll find a spot. Keep in mind there is no regular surf here otherwise. Cooking classes are available in many locations. If you head over to my other site Strictly Sardinia – which is solely focused on the island – you will find plenty of information on places to visit, food and recipes, etc!

  14. Hey Claudia, pretty sick journey you are on 😀
    I got a quick one:
    me and my girl are going on a spontaneous trip to sardinia,and i really want to get some surfing in. Now July seems to be the worst time for it but beginner waves would be alright as well, so do you know which spot on the west coast probably is like the most consitent one? No need for 4m crushers 😀

  15. Hello! Thanks for your comment. Waves in Sardinia are pretty much dependent on the wind during the summer months. Your best bet is to download a wind app and check it religiously to see where the wind blows!

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