7 Best Restaurants In Cusco

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Whatever your taste and budget is, you won’t have trouble finding some excellent places to eat in Cusco. Whether you are looking for some healthy options or want to load on carbs before going on a long-distance hike; whether you want a taste of local cuisine or something a bit more international; whether you fancy vegan food served in a sophisticated atmosphere, you won’t have trouble finding it.

I have been to Cusco three times – once recently, with my sister and my brother in Law. During our trip, we have eaten at some of the best restaurants in Cusco, so I thought I’d share our findings with you. Since I am the epitome of a picky eater, and my sister and her husband are real food experts, you can definitely count on us to give you the most honest opinion.

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best restaurants in Cusco La Morena

Best Restaurants In Cusco

La Morena

This modern restaurant is located in the very heart of Cusco, giving diners a beautiful view out over the Plaza de Armas. Here, you can leave the busy streets of the city behind and enter a colorful world of stylish interiors and delicious food. It’s often touted as one of the best restaurants in Cusco, and we definitely agree with that – to the point that we went twice in five days!

La Morena offers up a modern twist on Peruvian classics, creating dishes that are full of flavor and made with care. The menu ranges from appetizers like pastel de choclo – corn cake topped with andean cheese cooked in a wood-fired oven – to alpaca risotto, which features alpaca filets with mushroom, beans, and cheese.

la morena best restaurants in Cusco

Our favorite dish was by far the incredibly comforting pumpkin soup, made with coconut milk – it gave it a touch of sweetness that made it all the better. We also enjoyed incredibly filling Aeropuerto, a Peruvian dish of rice with scrambled eggs, vegetables and soy sauce – a perfect representation of Peruvian fusion cuisine. The crema catalana dessert is also mouthwatering.

Prices range from 20 to 55 Peruvian Soles per dish (around $5 to $15 USD), so it’s quite affordable. We also appreciated the service – the waiting staff went above and beyond to accommodate our intolerances, which we never take for granted.

Make sure to grab a table by the window for a special occasion!

Given its affordability and quality – not to mention the lovely location and the spot on service – La Morena can get pretty busy. You can book in advance either by calling or via the website. If you can’t get a table, go there in person and put your name on a waiting list. They will contact you via whatsapp as soon as a table is available. It’s honestly worth the wait.

Opening hours: Every day, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Address: 320 Calle Procuradores, Plaza de Armas, Cusco


We went to Organika the night we came back from the Inca Trail and we couldn’t have made a better choice! The restaurant is located in a lovely, narrow alley in the San Blas neighborhood, so you’ll have to work up quite a sweat to walk there – but it’s worth it. The place itself is very cozy and welcoming, and the food is truly delicious.

Using ingredients from their own garden in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley, Organika prides itself on being a farm to table restaurant with a menu that reflects their values. Dishes here utilize intriguing flavor combinations for memorable, delicious outcomes.

One visually stunning (and tasty) dish is the disarming simplicity of the purple cabbage soup – made from a cream of homegrown purple cabbage, slow cooked with wine and topped with edible flowers. The grilled trout is phenomenal; it comes served with mashed carrots and pumpkin and a variety of other fresh vegetables.

Organika best restaurants in Cusco

I also loved the salad – it was super fresh and the seasoning was delicious. My brother in law actually ordered pizza and even as Italian pizza experts we were quite happy with it. There’s also a nice wine list – we had the Peruvian Intipalka Malbec from the Pisco region.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan don’t worry – there’s plenty of choice for you, including hearty sandwiches for lunch and fabulous desserts like the chocolate mousse. They also serve a rocket tiramisu which reminds very little of the Italian style tiramisu but is nevertheless delicious (my sister will confirm!).

Also, the prices here may be a little more than average for Cusco, but the ambience of the warm restaurant and the spectacular dishes themselves more than make up for that.

Opening hours: Every day, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.
Address: 154 Calle Ataud, Centro Historico, Cusco

Nuna Raymi best restaurants in Cusco

Nuna Raymi

For those who want to sample Cusco’s famous dish of cuy (roasted guinea pig), head to Nuna Raymi. This is one of the best restaurants in Cusco and is particularly famous for its cuy. We ate there on our last night in Cusco and truly enjoyed it. It’s actually a nice spot where locals also go to enjoy local delicacies.

Regardless of the iconic cuy dish, and their dedication to preserving Peruvian flavors and traditions, this restaurant is also community minded. They work with local producers and entrepreneurs to secure good quality ingredients, making sure everyone is looked after.

Fittingly, Nuna Raymi’s menu is based on ingredients that Peruvians – particularly in Cusco – have been using for centuries. This includes aguaymanto, quinoa and quiwicha, as well as chili pastes such as aji panca and aji mirasol. The outcome is cuisine that is beautifully balanced and delectable, served up by staff who are full of information about the food of the region.

Nuna Raymi

As for the cuy, it’s served as elegantly as it can be – on a wooden tray scattered with various accompaniments, including beans and a salad. The skin is delightfully crispy while the meat within remains tender and juicy. You may even want to save any curiosity you have regarding cuy until you get to Cusco, because it’s worthwhile to eat it here.

Nuna Raymi is affordably priced – around 50 Peruvian Soles ($13 USD) for a main course on average, and 84 Peruvian Soles ($22 USD) for the cuy. There is an extensive drinks list – my sister swears their pisco sour is as good as it gets!

Due to its popular location right near Plaza de Armas, you might want to book a table at this place in advance.

Opening hours: Every day, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.
Address: 356 Calle Triunfo, Cusco

Hanz Craft Beer

Those looking for a refreshing evening tipple during their exploration of Cusco should head to the very friendly Hanz Craft Beer. This small, local microbrewery is the place to go for IPA, pilseners and brown ales among other locally made beers; they also serve a selection of international and domestic beers, too.

If you get hungry, don’t worry. There’s also a selection of tasty snacks and bites to eat to go with your beer, including alpaca burgers and nachos, as well as tempura and even sushi. The staff are also super friendly and are very happy to chat to customers about the different beers (and food) on offer in case you’re not sure what to go for. In fact, they will be happy to accommodate any dietary requirement you may have.

If the food, beer, and service don’t have you sold, then maybe the view of Plaza de Armas will. The only real downside of Hanz Craft Beer is just how popular it is – when we went, it was actually packed with large tour groups – so you may have to wait for an empty seat or make a booking in advance.

Opening hours: Every day, 10:00 am – 11:00 pm.
Address: 216 Portal de Carnes, Cusco

Jack’s Café

If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast in Cusco, look no further than Jack’s Café. Despite its Australian roots, this place offers up an American-style feast to start the day in the heart of the Andean capital.

My friend and I decided to visit after coming back from the Inca Trail – we were looking forward to something more appetizing than the stale bread and industrial jam we’d be having at our hotel!

Situated in the San Blas area, the cafe may be a little on the pricey side when compared to other establishments in Cusco, but if it’s a good breakfast you want look no further. The gordo option (31 Peruvian Soles, around $8 USD), which comes with bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, and everything else you’d expect, is decidedly huge; there also are vegetarian option.

Fruit Salad at Jack's Café

Other dishes include toast with various topping, huevos rancheros and a large choice of fluffy, soft American style pancakes. Unless you are not a very big eater, consider sharing your main course as portions are massive!

Jack’s Café is very popular, and often will have regulars in here as well as tourists, and you can’t make bookings. Simply go there, put your name on the list and wait for your table to be called. Service is quick enough that you won’t be waiting around for long until you’re tucking into a hearty meal to start your day.

Opening hours: Every day, 7:00 am – 10:30 pm.
Address: 509 Choqechaka, Cusco


Enter through the passageway and into the rustic atmosphere of Pachapapa and you’ll be charmed right away. Here you’ll find a courtyard where diners sit under the shade of parasols and greenery in the day, while come evening this place comes alive, lit by candlelight and local musicians soundtracking the proceedings.

The menu at Pachapapa is meat-oriented, with main courses including cuy chactado – a deboned version of the Peruvian guinea pig dish; kankacho (lamb marinated in chili and herbs, served with potatoes; cooked for multiple hours); and pizzas topped with local ingredients, such as smoked trout.

But it’s not cheap. Prices for main dishes start at around 35 Peruvian Soles ($9 USD) and range all the way to 89 Peruvian Soles (around $23 USD). However, for the experience, the ambience, and the food, you may want to treat yourself.

Opening hours: Every day, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Address: 120 Carmen Bajo, Cusco

best restaurants in Cusco


Located along a steep, unassuming side street close to the Plaza de Armas, this rustic eatery is a hideaway of deliciousness. Another of its secrets is the beautiful view you get over the rooftops of the city. This restaurant is a great spot for lunch (to make the most of those views in the daytime), while it’s a great spot for a relaxed evening meal.

The colorful Kusykay is a welcoming place to be. Billing themselves as “craft food”, staff explain menu items and the benefits of various ingredients used in their dishes. There’s a selection of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu; dishes can also be adapted for any dietary requirements you may have too.

As well as an array of affordable mains, from vegetable tortillas and burgers, this restaurant offers up flamboyantly made cocktails – these are particularly good – and other tipples for a memorable night of dining.

Opening hours: Every day, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Address: 410 Calle Waynapata, Cusco

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